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  1. Does anybody know if this empire are still been played or what ? Lemuria # 775 The Swarm # 4924
  2. Will first off your fighters and drones are build with fuel in them so it don't have nothing to do with your fuel you have on board
  3. Once again , the turns are here !
  4. I thought i seen a bright light last nite .As i jump around the stars
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you to
  6. Landmine have you try to contact the owner of the other empire and see if he will give it to you . I know my empire is just sitting there for the taking
  7. Hobo

    Draco Review

    hobknob quick question for you .And this might be a stupid one anyways Lets say pete changes the engine thrust would you have to scrap your ships and build new ones or would they take on the new eng thrust ratio
  8. Hobo

    Draco Review

    Nyarlathtep Nope never had problem with them since they were taking out of them game 4 yr ago in andro
  9. Hobo

    Draco Review

    Sure why make thing easy for people it should be hard a even playing field all the way around . Since you want them you might as will put ice back in and unvers gate or what it would make it just like andor and that what it not to surposed to be
  10. Hobo

    Draco Review

  11. Thanks Hobknob MY friend wants to to take it over is all . I guess he been attacking some of there fleet . He didn't know if it was active or not is all is all. I guess he never got a answer from him
  12. Does anybody know anything about this empire #2964 Megachiroptera . I'm asking for a friend
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