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Found 27 results

  1. The Star Kingdoms goal is to finish all starting techs in Draco. I wanted to start a dialogue with any empire that has finished all starting tech in Draco. I am not interested in combined empires but one empire with all techs. My group is searching for any missing paths on the tech tree. We have finished about 1/3 of all known techs for Andromeda in Draco. It will be about another year before I am done with the starting set. I only have one research bonus so I am slow in this process. I will buying all the mental powers when they become available.
  2. Draco Alert!! : Intergalactic merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources of occasionally-questionable intelligence have reported that an empire-that-shall-not-be-named wandered into a system claimed by the dreaded Death Machines, was warned to leave under the threat of severe penalty, and instead chose to poke about in the system, resulting in the utter and complete annihilation of his forces there. Subsequently, DMX forces in the entire region that were otherwise in a somewhat dormant state began to stir.... Somebody had better confess. Who is to blame for bringing this plague upon us?
  3. My second empire would like to contact the VIN Vinland # 5271 'Two Black Ravens On A Cobalt Blue Field'. Your ships are on Zulu. Just thought I would say hello.
  4. What do you think about having all fleets at Zulu?
  5. The Honored One was frustrated and began tugging at his bunny ears. Why have none of his scientists reactivated the gates or accessed the navigation charts in the Tkon databases. In a blink of an eye and they were gone. A virus sent out by the Tkon home world deleted everything Honored One his Grand Advisor told him while carrying around the Golden Carrot. It hurt his back to carry the token of power. Tkon technology powered everything down to the automatic Carrot Coffee Maker. He rolled his eyes. It has been four turns since our ability to reach for the stars again Grand Advisor. What have our scientists found so far. Why are all these coils attached to the Tkon technology, the Honored One asked impatiently. As the information fell data hackers were able to preserve packets of information. Good we shall have the Carrot Coffee Maker back again, almost smiling again. Not exactly, the Grand advisor hesitated. What do you mean? Our scientist believe that the packets will completely dissolve in less than six months at the rate we are using them, the advisor said while shifting the Golden Carrot to his other retractable claw. You know I have not had my coffee yet so explain our advances slowly and give me the carrot the Fleet Commander is coming with a report about our exploration. The Grand Advisor flourished his carrot tipped staff at the large screen. We can now build Domed Cities, Weather Control Stations, Fuel Distillation Complexes, Improved Construction Materials, Improved Steel, Improved Timber and 2nd Generation Civil Engineering. If those are from the packets what are our regular scientists working on, the Honored one asked peeling a carrot with his claws? They are working on all improved materials, Advanced Construction Materials, Advanced Steel, Advanced Timber, 2nd Generation Computer, Medical, Life, Planetary and Social horizon techs. How will those help us, asked the Fleet commander who stomped his furry clawed foot? We need to expand our knowledge of space, build weapons, and defenses to protect us from the death machines. I am sure we will all get this worked out, Commander. Were all making the best of it. The coffee shortage and all you know. The commander slapped his forehead… Until next time, Rabbits in space
  6. I somehow missed that I have been stockpiling iron (2,000,000,000+)? and about the same amount of radioactives. What would you do with the iron? ?
  7. Going over my new first turn in Draco. In the RTD section: Now a few pages before I noticed that Imperial Guards and Imperial Marines were not in this version of the game OR you had Prerequisite Technologies to research, unlike Andro (I was making assumptions, be it ever so dreaded). But now Naval is showing up as needing 1 Imperial Marines Soldiers to build. Soooo....... 1.)Either Naval is not a turn one tech 2.)It should be 1 Imperial Army Soldier (my assumption, be it ever so dreaded, though I find needing an army guy on a boat funny) If this is in the wrong section, please move it.
  8. We are the Klade. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire stands firmly against the dreaded DMX, destroying their shipping whenever possible. Furthermore, your sources indicate that your explorers have discovered a significant number of star systems. Also, your sources indicate that your industrial base is quite strong.
  9. Pete.............. Since you gave us the Y Roe, I decided to offer a neighboring race ( of dubious character) a diplomatic agreement. This is what I got back on my turn: PAP: XXXX, Non-Aggression Pact Your diplomatic envoy is unable to enact a Non-Aggression Pact as ordered, as that is not a diplomatic agreement that he is aware of. What happened here???? Do I have to await my neighbor also issuing this order????
  10. Pete has given us a new tidbit of information to digest: Bastions will now assign themselves to Deploc 1 (overriding any fleet formation orders they might otherwise have) to ensure they are on the front lines, steadfast in their determination to defend with their full capabilities. Does this only apply to the Badtians from the original Draco setups. Can I design, for instance, a Bastian in Deploc 10 with the ROE of my choice?
  11. A place for new species in the Draco Galaxy to introduce themselves to their future allies and enemies.
  12. The Poll is to see how many people you have on colonies in Draco. Lets see how you compare to others. I have 60090 on other worlds for the rabbits
  13. I want to get a good ratio for small ship designs. I guess I am going to need about 1K ships per warp point to even have a chance at holding back both of them. I am asking how much armor, weapons etc. will give me good fire control and help me withstand a few rounds. My smaller fleets are not going to be able to hold long.
  14. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on what bomb path would be best?. What is the best defenses against these bombs?
  15. Yep it happened, Both my empires received new techs and it was time to pick a new one. Alas, there was no researchable items sheet. I know who would ever have expected to get new tech after we received Santa points. I actually want this and it is not a request it is actually a demand. Which people in the game wanted the researchable items removed? It still seems those people control what happens on our turn sheets. I want to know who they are and I want to know now because they are affecting my game play. I also do not want the long explanation defending them.
  16. To Emperor Kaltan of the Creeping Doom # 6044 We have encountered a system beacon from your Empire. Emperor Vasdor of the Klade #5544
  17. I have noticed some interesting comparisons with races with no saved points and those with high research bonuses. 1st a brain in a jar easily passes the saved point person. 2nd Generation doesn't do that much and doesn't give a head start really. I am already being passed by worlds half my age and I have lots of exploration ships. 2nd a brain in the jar starting on a cold world will get lots of ideal worlds requiring no special items to get. 3rd A new brain in the jar with no saved points one year old will bypass a ground pounder and colonizer of over 1 1/2 to near the start of the games hands down. There is no way to catch up at all. Since breakthroughs and exploration stuff barely does anything in Draco brain in the jars rule. 4th a ground pounder with a cold based world will be able to stay paced with the colonizer. 5th There is a false rumor going on that using technology for colonization will be cost prohibitive. It barely makes a dent when you colonize the asteroid belts. 6th Should I save points? Only if you did not start on a cold world. You really don't gain much. My second empire should bypass my 1st empire in about year with 6 saved research points. What do yo all think are the brain in the jars too strong with the idea lets give everyone free ideals if they live on a cold world?
  18. Hey Rex! I found your dog wandering around my system named Gwledyr. This Beagle appears to be lost and should be leashed. We should talk at your leisure. E-mail me when you get a moment
  19. The tides of war against two empires have forced me to rethink my position in Draco. The Zulu is a must. A second empire is nearing my controlled space. I believe both are from the same group. 1. Does anyone have any good advice on defending against two empires? 2. Both empires are moving at two AP using lots of engines. Should I stay at AP 1? 3. I believe both empires are prisoners. Does anyone have any info on prisoner ship designs or tactics? 4. Initial contact with the first saw them asking for peace but they immediately rushed toward my homeworld to scan the warp points. Has anyone had positive responses from them in Draco? In Victory, they are just a bunch of backstabbers. 5. Would you say iron is more important than other materials in war? 6. Both empires are within 3 of my empire side by side with fleets. Is there a way to increase my defenses of warp points in a nexus?
  20. I am beginning to use the last of my SRP to finish the following techs. I have spent 11 turns on them already. I want to make sure that these are useful techs. This means my ships could have had better sensors for scanning warp points or other bonuses in the game I do not have. Please let me know if they are viable. I already asked in another thread when I said I had 19 slots working on them and no one said anything. Improved Consumer Goods Improved Food Concentrates Improved Foodstuffs Improved Luxury Goods Improved Plantfoods Improved Weapons
  21. I wanted to see what everyone is focusing on in Draco.
  22. I would say I am finding the AP 1 in Draco unforgiving. Two times so far, I have made a mistake and been unable to attack someone. Their is no way to make it up. I find that I have fleets so scattered I am calculating what year they will be able to be useful again. This being said. I am not asking for the AP to be increased. It just shows that each move is strategic and has great value. AP 1 has also increased the number of orders required to get the same things done. You need three times the number of ships to get the same type of scanning one ships would have given you with 2 AP.
  23. ‚ÄčThe Star Kingdom Empire will destroy all ships of the URS The Ursine Empire # 6464 'Slashing Black Claws On A Red Background' They are trying to steal my carrots
  24. In Draco shall we plan or complain later that we need changes because we did not plan? When Andromeda started many people complained about not saving enough points, not knowing enough about colonization, research or combat and so many other things. People took advantage of the loop holes cycling leaders through different explore fleets, fleets that could hold more than they were supposed to and taking advantage of gates to not fight battles. Now, I have been expanding and planning not only my staging areas for fleets, fuel, leaders and doing lots of statistics to back up what I am doing. I think ahead four to five years ahead not on tech but on logistics. My questions are the following: 1. Should we change the game mechanics to help out those that are having a hard time planning? 2. Should we nerf certain rules because certain groups have gotten certain knowledge which is making them not slightly stronger but nearing the effects of pre-ice empires? 3. Draco requires us to have forward bases that reload fuel, fighters, drones, bombs, colony beacons, construction materials and etc. Should an empire have to pre plan almost a year to get those resources to that forward base? (FYI, I reduce my production at least 25% to do just that) 4. Draco requires warp point sentinels to stop faster empires. Should the AP be increased to stop these possible fast empires already closing on max AP? 5. Draco requires forward bases with the ability to build items to trade with other empires. What do you consider the distance a forward base would be from your home world be useful? 6. In Draco, is it worthwhile to do one point a turn research from your perspective? 7. Due to the slower AP and fuel issues, ships have less dominance for higher tonnage. Do you think that it is better to have a big fleet to control one point or lots of smaller ships to control multiple points? 8. In your opinion for enemy colonies, is it better to bomb, ground attack or a combination of ground attack, remove and replace them as colonists? 9. When finding another player, do you keep on moving forward scanning or stop? 10. What is a good amount of ground troops to have and I don't mean more is better?
  25. -----ANZ (Analyze Item)---- I though I would start something for Draco for sharing techs that are different from Andromeda. ANZ: Improved Weapons Improved Weapons: Weapons includes all manner of small arms, grenades, mortars, heavy artillery, battle armor, missile launchers and high explosives. Such items are generally considered contraband on most worlds, though some political systems might not think anything of having large quantities of laser rifles or even mobile tactical guided missile launchers shipped through their port facilities. Improved Weapons are superior in many ways, and are useful in the production of some advanced pieces of technology. (1 ton) 2 Iron - 1 Light Metals Classification: Resource Your Empire has gained the ability to construct a new Installation: the Domed City! -----INST (Describe Installation)---- INST: Domed City Domed City: Domed Cities provide safe, clean and affordable housing for your colonists, with the added benefit of being sealed from harsh atmospheric conditions. It is much more difficult for alien flora and fauna to invade a Domed City than open encampments, reducing colonial attrition as a result. Domed Cities are manned by 1 Population unit, and provide housing for 100 additional Population. Production requirements: 1,000 Improved Construction Materials Consumes: <nothing> Requires: 2nd Generation Civil Engineering as a prerequisite technology Requires: Improved Construction Materials as a prerequisite technology
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