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7 hours ago, The Fremen said:

Yeah it’s a shame that no one is at the helm of Yugoslavia. All too easy. 

That is why we are only using our training armor :rolleyes:

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Man overboard!! Shouted  the lookout.
The Captain of a Tunisian battleship orders his ship to all stop. 
Master Spy Baa on board with ace reporter Sandy 🐑 on a reporter/ Spy exchange  program with Libya   witness a body being brought onboard. 
“This is very interesting”says Master Spy Baa with Sandy 🐑 bobbing her head in agreement. 
The body brought aboard is dressed in what appears to be a French military uniform and attached to his wrist with a chain is an attaché case. 
Heavily armed Tunisian marines take the body to an examination room in the bowels of the massive battleship. 

Master Spy Baa already the curious sort is extremely intrigued by these developments. Using his extensive connections he gains access to the autopsy of the French officer. 

“He appears to have drowned” says the chief medical officer. The case is also opened and inside are what appear to be top secret Spanish documents requesting immediate aid to beleaguered Spanish troops. 
“What does this all mean?” asks Sandy 🐑 obviously bewildered as to why the Spanish are asking for French help. 
Master Spy Baa grins from ear to ear knowing immediately what it means as does the Captain of the Tunisian battleship. “The die is cast my good friend” says the Captain of the Tunisian battleship addressing Master Spy Baa.
“It is indeed” says Master Spy Baa both grinning in approval. 


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