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Nice one, Falco!

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On 6/7/2018 at 3:03 PM, Falco said:

The trembling messenger stood in front of General Salazar. Clearly afraid of the General, who was well known for his rage, he still dared give the message he was sent to deliver: "Sir, the Spanish troops have conquered even more cities in our homeland. The High Command requests you to turn back home to free those poor souls. Even the tactical air strike of our allies wasn't enough to stop the Spanish troops". He stood very still, not daring to move, while he saw the General's face darken with rage.

"Be gone" shouted the General. As fast as he could, the messenger saluted, turned and moved away, knowing he was lucky to survive this encounter. "Wait" was the last thing he heard before the bullet ripped through his brains and he his body fell to the floor.

General Salazar stood there, looking at the dead messenger. He took the little bell from his desk and rang it. A face appeared in the doorway, ignoring the body. "Yes sir"? "We're leaving for Guarda, inform the troops, and clean up this mess" said the General. "Yes Sir!" The face disappeared and General Salazar heard shouting in the distance. Maybe freeing the Homeland would get him his promotion to Marshal. Killing the Spanish army to the last man apperantely wasn't good enough.

Not much later, the Portugese troops who had been awaiting the orders to move, quickly moved away from Spain, back to Home. It had been a hard fought battle, some divisions had barely 20% of the men left, over 60% of the troops in total had died. Going home felt good, for most of the men. Fighting over worthless Spanish hills, while half the country was overrun, wasn't how the leaders had said the war would go. 

Guarda was empty of Spanish troops, they could see some Spanish soldiers on the walls of the city, preparing for a defense. Messengers arrived from the HQ of General Goncalves saying Oporto has also been freed, with the enemy troops in the city destroyed by the new Portugese Junkers. Finally some good news, only the cities were left to be freed. But not all the news was good. More Spanish troops were gathering on the border.... Time for the Portugese to defend or die......



There is a 3rd possibility. That being the Spanish troops die very near where they have gathered. They can run around but they can’t hde 😈

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I hope everybody had as great a Fathers day as I had :D, that is of-course, if it does apply  to you :mellow:

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