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Hotmail Email Accounts

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Hi Guys,

Those of you with Hotmail email accounts (and to a lesser degree Yahoo accts) have been missing some emails lately because Hotmail seems to be having a feud with my ISP provider (qwest.net).    I've seen this in the past and usually it will clear up on its own but this time it has been going on for a few weeks.  Right now Hotmail accounts seem to be having all the trouble but Yahoo accts have done this in the past as well.


So, if you are not getting emails back from me and you have a Hotmail acct this is the issue.    You can always contact me at my RTGRuss@hotmail.com acct (Hotmail to Hotmail accts should work fine) or if you have an alternative email acct that you'd like to use for now let me know and I can use that.   I do seem to be getting emails from Hotmail acct holders ok - just my return receipts, etc. that are being blocked.





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