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On 6/28/2018 at 9:14 AM, Sandarbian said:

A rulebook-Order Entry Program contradiction:

Rulebook say:

Fighter Operations Option                                           Drone Operations Option
No Launch                                                                     No Launch
Standard Attack                                                           Standard Attack
Close Support                                                               Cover Attack
Cover                                                                              Focused Attack
Deep Strike                                                                    -
Forward Support                                                          -
Kamikaze Cover                                                           -
Kamikaze Attack                                                          -

But at the FORM order there is no close support option in the fighter operations option. 



To return to this:

you hoo, Pete, Russ...

While the Close Support option is shown in the rulebook, Close Support is NOT an option when using the FORM order in the Imperial Palace (SN order entry program). 

Soooo error or has Close Support been removed as option from game?

Enquiring Minds are such a PITA!😎


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