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The Templars tried to take another warp point this turn. Unfortunately, the viscous rabbits noticed carrots in their holds...

The Templars # 7066 [Golden Lion Rampant On A Field Of Black]
Pathfinder [ROE: Q]   *Templar Line*   (Fleet Tonnage: 117,000) [Deploy Location 1]   1 AUXM Ranger (Medium Auxiliary - 117,000 tons [each]) <1 Colony Beacon>--<9,426 Fuel>--<100 Strike Fighter>--<9 System Beacon>
 -------------------------------------------------- DepLoc 1 -----------------------------------------------------------

**DESTROYED** [2nd] AUXM Ranger (Medium Auxiliary - 117,000 tons) [Integrity: 0 / 250,000]   (Green, Timid)  2 20cm Gauss Gun, 5,000 Cargo Bay, 1 Drone Rack, 1 Fighter Bay, 5 Fuel Shuttle, 12,000 Fuel Tankage  2 Laser Communications Gear, 5 Light Magnetic Grapple, 3 Mk I Computer System, 25 Mk I Medium Range Sensor  1 Mk I Nuclear Jump Drive, 1 Mk II Heavy Missile, 520 Mk II Nuclear Engine, 2 Mk III Jump Survey Sensor  7,500 Selenite Battle Weave, 1 Survey Lander, 1 Type A Science Lab  Gravitonic: 1,100, Missile: 3,800, Projectile: 3,200  Maneuverability: 2.00, Missile Defense: 14.60 %, Sensors: 9.70 %

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