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INST/DISM and Repair of Alien Installations

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5 hours ago, Gixxer said:


Anything ever come of this?

I recently got my first 2 neutrals, one has pop 19 and growth of 1, not so bad, but the other one has pop of 4 and growth of 0, so can't do anything with it. being able to dismantle or repair the broken Insts would help, these poor natives need help to grow and recover their planet! I'm a "Good Guy (tm)" so would like to assist these poor suffering natives, but am limited in what I can do atm, especially the one with 4 pop and no growth,



Edit: Just noticed in another thread that you can import colonists from the rest of your empire, who immediately turn into natives, so no problem. Those broken insts are untidy though, would be nice if we could do something with them 🙂

I don’t think that’s even a blip on the radar at this point. If it hasn’t been addressed in 10+ years it’s unlikely it ever will be.

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