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  2. Thanks, Dageraad, you answered all my questions!
  3. Apparently someone doesn't like Britain claiming Normandy!!! Map correction, Ireland doesn't control any of Ireland. Don of England
  4. definitely a lot of spreadsheets... have some monster ones. Tried to get a good xml extract set up to port directly in, but could not get that working like i wanted to. My problem was my spreadsheets lagged several months behind my turns, and by the time I got them in a form that I liked, I had a good 18 months of turns, so hence the need to organize the turns into the one file so I could verify what I had and had not done... I reworked the production spreadsheets in a way that made sense, linked them to ship design sheets, and planet data, and reorganized that a few times... D
  5. Earlier
  6. I have one spreadsheet for Planets, covering all System Scans, CSVs, ORBs and GEOs (including a reference to the turn so I can look it up and double check). Another one for the Map, with a circle for each system with the name, number of planets and a G if it has at least 1 gas giant. The warp points are separate symbols linked to the system and to the warp point at the other end. Then I have the Research spreadsheet with columns for each turn and research planned out many turns in advance. Then there are Ship Design spreadsheets - one for each class I have designed. And a Production spreadshee
  7. Game #106 Some typical patterns emerging here. Usually the Balkan countries remain free until the last moment
  8. New map: Good turn for the red alliance Mixed results for the rest, with the exeption of Hungary-Austria-Czechoslovakia which is under siege and turtling up. and occasionally biting back.
  9. Meet me under the bridge at Midnight. Bring a suitcase full of used non sequential $100 notes.
  10. Corrected That puts Austria in an interesting situation
  11. While it takes a bit of work, I put all of my data into an excel spreadsheet so I have it in one place.
  12. Dag, Greece is still white. Needs to join Yugoslavia, Rumania and CR.
  13. Crickets sheep must be at the barber so they don't look .....well like sheep
  14. Here are some things I do to help with this. 1) If you have all your pdfs for a specific empire in one folder and nothing else, you can use Adobe Reader (the free version and not Pro) to search all the pdfs in the folder. You have to click on the Edit pulldown and click on Advanced Search. The rest is fairly easy to figure out. For instance, you can put in Fleet Sighting in the search field and it will search all the pdfs in the folder for anything that matches that string. If you are looking for SSs (System Scans), then put in the search field "System Scan of the Tarsis". Simply replace
  15. Rednas and Predator, Ken was the same age as me: 63. He was actually 4 months younger.
  16. I hear the market will soon be flooded with mutton👀
  17. I'll post T4 in a few days
  18. Greece should be with Yugoslavia et al (aqua?) and is at war with the CE alliance (lt. blue?) I think a major city has changed hands between pink and green.
  19. New map: At the beginning of turn 5, the map for turn 3. The first wars are getting clear and there seem to be some major conflict: Dark green vs. Pink vs Yellow vs Dark blue and the Blue Middle East against the rest.
  20. So... Always in the never ending quest to make the turns into data-ish... I did note that you can combine pdf's into one file, so essentially take your turns and merge them into one file, which does at least allow for searching for specific text. MacOS this is a native function. For Windows, found a freeware in the windows store called, appropriately enough, "PDF Merger & Splitter". It does seem to be helpful, and has helped me be more efficient at not ordering scans more than once... Probably less of an issue for long-standing players, but a
  21. Welcome to Draco, Creeping Doom (and to the forums). Definitely takes more time to get around in Draco...
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