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  3. And once again a lot of questions are not answered
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  5. Green sure is creeping north. The middle east is confusing.
  6. The results for turn 16. I have simplified the alliance overview in the upper right hand corner It isto early yet to divide the playeres up in a limited number of Super-alliances, as one of the TA's is still totally uncommitted. Well, technically the Western Islands are at war with Green as well as medium Blue, (Faroe and Kuwayt), but that is not saying much yet. And on the horizon there are rumors of capitals falling.... (Plural), but allk of that in two weeks time. Stay tuned!
  7. No further maps from me, this time.
  8. Very quiet forum, apparently everyone wants privacy. Or they are sleeping. Don
  9. I hope everyone had a good first turn. Except my opponents, of course! :-) Now that everyone has gotten a chance to do their RNA orders, and we know who's who, now we just have to find out which countries are working which countries! Good gaming, everyone!
  10. Wow ! The turns are here super early . Thanks Pete !
  11. No new trends or major developments What will Canada do next? Were will the red team go?
  12. Hardly all, but close to a quarter.
  13. .....well I did hesitate to comment this...but not long. Well I guess there are TA's for, to support each other, to get rid of an enemy. I would also ask my TA's, if they have the opportunity and the power to help me...otherwise I would not quasi need my TA's and would do everything alone... So...that is my comment to this... Greetings Rednas
  14. I am very disappointed in you, Sweden. We had such a nice and fair 1-on-1 fight going on. Sure, there were some pesky Finnish divisions that tried to attack Narvik early on, and those Finnish warships that helped flatten xOslo but after that it's been a real entertaining battle. But now you've gone and thrown it all away.... I mean, a little air support I can understand. But having your allies send every bomber they have (at least I certainly hope that was it) to Arendal after my army just cleared the mess your littering marines left on the beach was definitely uncalled for. You really ne
  15. Well, I would say that you have much better access to Greece’s group from Italy ! Also I can't imagine all 5 of the atlantic alliance to land in France. Hardly enough harbors for all of them and it's already very crowded over here. So Spain, Portugal (and Norway) should keep an eye open as well. If you let them establish themselves on the mainland it will become very difficult if not inpossible to get there yourself later. So why don’t you guys show some ambition and come over and join the party ? It sure beats running around in a far away desert looking for some left overs
  16. I can clear up part of that. The Central Europeans are allied to my group, as it's convenient to keep the Balkan hordes at bay. Denmark and Lowlands were original members of Green team, but as they became inconvenient, they no longer exist, and we are not at war with the rest of them. Will we be soon? Perhaps, depends on Italy and their new pal Austria. Probably a bad time for the Wehrmacht to be in Denmark.
  17. Hey, I can only go on what I see in the RWE, so of course I am missing part of the story. And about the political situation: It would seen logical to divide the world in as few teams as possible. It would certainly mean an easier map. The inactivity ot the western islands makes everyone a bit paranoid. If they choose the weakest point to gain a common beachhead that point would be in deep trouble. And for Africa: the Moroccans don't agree with you and the picture is a bit murky with all the phoney wars, 2dn and 3rd layer TA's et cetera. The enemy of mij friend is my enemy?
  18. Doesn't tell the entire story. On turn 3, Denmark tried to break with Germany. My Ta's then DW to do recons, then on turn 4 he broke and invaded with two mech armies. So we smote him.
  19. Lol, wasn't aware I was throwing shade on Africa. I think it's pretty much pacified, and I think that's pretty much obvious.
  20. Why is Germany constantly throwing shade on Africa? We are embroiled in the Middle East as well as with Greece’s group now! Perhaps the Germans are feeling nervous as Spain, Italy, and Portugal approach your borders!
  21. So with Africa virtually subdued, I guess Spain and Italy had best watch their backsides.
  22. That sounds like a possible solution.
  23. New map: Turn 15 saw the liberation or occupation of what's left of Transjordan, Bucarest and Tartus, and some changes in Baltic States. And everyone is keeping out a nervous eye on the western islands. The game seems to hang on a lot of delicate balances with 5 blocks competing with eachother
  24. Hi, The Swarm, Empire 9554 wishes to open discussions with Empire 6931, Sea of Life, in a better way than in game MESS orders. Please respond and we can start conducting business properly 🙂 Cheers Gixxer
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