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  2. Russian cheese would be more accurate.
  3. The map hasn't loaded for me although I see the link. I get the following error message <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access Denied</Message> <RequestId>VGBDNPY8J12XG6C9</RequestId> <HostId> nrwMG5bfpIjZdw44DswEhXzwVzDZoGDG68r6E+AgPWLK3Kr/HwGsgefNToIs/1KdbfF0s0GmCMM= </HostId>
  4. The colour is just chance, but it looks a bit like Swiss cheese
  5. Yesterday
  6. Ah, there it is... I think Poland looks much better this way.
  7. AFAIK he has suffered massive paradrops. Not sure how to draw this. (And it is turn 30)
  8. The map is not showing for me. Would love to see what Poland looks like...
  9. New map: - The islands have chosen to attack France. That is, Ireland has. Maybe the rest will follow. - Norway goes south - Poland is Paradropped.
  10. Last week
  11. My first empire, #938 The Circle, I started on day 0. The Bolar Federation was dropped by the original owner and he kindly let me take it over since he migrated to Draco.
  12. 673 is Ynoloc and 2955 is Starside . 673 was my first position when I started playing the game over a decade ago .
  13. Unfortunately, I had a GATK in this last order set. I'm hoping it doesn't cause too much damage. If I did capture that orbit, I'm willing to give it back as a peace offering. What empire names are attached to the 2955 and 673 empire numbers?
  14. Yes , of course . Jason is harmless , he just has the annoying habit of just going anywhere ...he did that to me as well , but Marcus kinda told him where not to go . Marcus is of course no longer playing . I will return my carrier fleets back to space dock at the 2955 and 673 home worlds with these next turns . Thanks !
  15. Earlier
  16. I just saw this. Orders were already submitted. For the next turn, I will contact Jason and work out a cease fire. I will also contact my ally, The H'tor, and work out things with him. Does this satisfy?
  17. To positions 225 The Bolar Federation and 1335 The H'Torian Alliance...Let Sith-al-Teal play his game . If you continue to feel it is necessary to continue to attack him , then my positions in the general area will be forced to intervene . And the 51 billion tons Jason sees , and double that number will not be enough to withstand the onslaught I am prepared to bring to his area . You are warned......
  18. Well, it is not as if I have that many spare orders to spent on random SIM POL's. Occasionaly I use one if I have some room for it, but orders are scarce. And for it being obvious: no. I remember a DW of Switzerland against Germany. And a lot has been said about your position. When our invasion was planned you were master of southern France and most of Switzerland, and it seemed you would walk right through to the north. This feeling was reinforced by Marks complaints that we weren't doing enough against you. And you should have seen it coming. In turn 19 Morocco was gone
  19. Well, well you figure that out all by yourself after how long I did left the game that France has connections with Czechoslovakia and Hungary? Was that obvious a long time ago? Maybe now some of the players do understand my position in the game at that moment... Greetings Rednas and happy gaming
  20. And Ireland DW France? Lots of interesting things happening
  21. Ok, I'll bite. I have absolutely no idea what is happening to Poland. It does kind of change the picture IMHO. It is quite a change in the map op turn 30.
  22. The silence is deafening. I was expecting at least some reaction to recent world events.
  23. - Festivities in Tunisia now that Syria does not Baaaaaahahaha's on us. We are relieved. - The Central Alliance (Yellow) is being pushed back in the north and against Rumania. - France/ Lowlands seems to be TA'd to Czechoslovakia/Hungary.
  24. Hey Persia and SR!!!! We Baaaaaahahaha in your general direction. The Persian bodies are piled so high around our last stronghold that they are forming new fortifications 😈
  25. That’s why my fleets are instructed to offer frozen custard to any new species…
  26. There are days I’d like to decommission my home 🙃
  27. 🐠 Looks like big fish feeding on small fish
  28. Small changes in Tunisia. Some sounds like "BOOM" and "Crush" in the air, but I do not know were they originate from. Someone should explain the civil war between Turkey and Central Russia to me.
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