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  3. Same trend as before: three powerful blocks mostly leaving eachother alone and bullying the smaller TA's For how long?
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  5. The African alliance looks really big to me.
  6. - Trouble in Finland for the Central coalition, - Nevertheless, Germany declares war on the African alliance. - Resistance in the Middle East continues
  7. Been there... done that, done that, done that, and done it some more. Then there is the had banging etc.
  8. Used ICE? Isn't that water? Did I use ICE in Andromeda? I didn't know about it when I was in Andromeda and Draco ain't got no ICE.
  9. To my fellow Draconauts, who built much of their spreadsheets back in Andromeda, remember....Advanced Steel is 4, FOUR, iron and not 3 iron to build. Saves the need to bang your head into your desktop yelling, "Why? Why?".
  10. He said, let there be turns....and turns were had!
  11. The wait for turns is agonizing 😐
  12. I'm posting this in the hope as soon as I post about no turns, the turns will show up.......
  13. You are correct. The CB can’t be used in that fashion any more. As Predator states in the next post. I was unaware that it actually caused the early termination of a victory game
  14. It was changed for game 82 which ended prematurely because of it
  15. Damn that's a lot of purple!
  16. There is no CB order to attack morale anymore and hasn't been for many years, I would not bring this up as its invalid now.
  17. Bulgaria is conquered. SO the Balkan countries will probably go somewhere else. gee, I wonder where that could be. Italy, if you dropped, you should have told your army in Bellinzona.
  18. New map (from turn 23) - Progress against the Middle East. Despite this, they are still fighting. - France sweeps south to the Mediterranean - Bulgaria is conquered. SO the Balkan countries will probably go somewhere else.
  19. This is true but the CB order can be performed many times against the same city per turn. I believe the max morale loss was 3 but if 5 nation each did 5 CB’ s the morale loss was even more substantial…… quite a bit more😉. And then there was the SB that could be done as well. The loss in morale pales in comparison 😉😉
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