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  1. Well, well you figure that out all by yourself after how long I did left the game that France has connections with Czechoslovakia and Hungary? Was that obvious a long time ago? Maybe now some of the players do understand my position in the game at that moment... Greetings Rednas and happy gaming
  2. Hi Marklen X, Well thanx for these words. At least one who does understand the situation. And yes, you make some choices at the beginning of the game that are in the end maybe not the right ones. And if TA's are dropping, others overrun and the game play is not as wished for, well than you almost know your destiny is sealed. Afterwards....afterwards...what to do...makes no sence to talk about that. It is like its is. Wish you all a good game. Greetings Rednas
  3. Yes it is obvious...you have no idea of the past situation. But Happy gaming...and believe in your self and your own thoughts...in the long term you believe them even more. And you know: who defends all defend nothing. But I in the end lost it all. But you can prove if you can stand up against 6 enemies without enough support, due to the game circumstances, by your TA's. Greetings Rednas
  4. Dear Predator, Accusing me of playing a poor game. That remark can only come from you, the supreme player, mr. know it all....but only afterwards. But at that time I was under attack from 6 countries. And what my master (ehm) would you have done if 3 countries at the same time make landings in the south and you are battling in the north against 3. So mr. know it all, therefore I could not defend the south. And yes the constellation was not a favarit one. But that is the game. And in this way, supreme players like you (?) can dominate the game...yeahhhhhh....or at least try it.
  5. I am impressed from myself...out of the game and still an opponent to reckon with 😁. Greetings Rednas.
  6. Hello Marklen X, Hmmm...yes. Under attack of 6 nations makes no longer sense to fight on. Maybe we engage eachother in another game. Enjoy VIC105 and I will take a look see how things are developing. Tanks for the game. Greetings Rednas
  7. It is: time to say goodbye...as Andrea Bocelli did sing... Greetings Rednas
  8. I'm thinking of joining Victory game 107. Does anyone need an extra team member? Greetings Rednas
  9. The fact is Germany does not do it on its own...snif. 😥. And if those interlopers are send home what will happen then? I can play on? What will happen with me and my allies? To my opinion and game playing players made agreements and alliances in the game. I personally do respect these made agreements as long as possible...even to the bitter end. For me that is the game about, mutual agreements. An exception is for instance if alliances are not longer valid if an ally is gone than a switch of sides could be an option. But...as I wrote before my pasta guns are loaded. It is an int
  10. I can definitely confirm...both sides are not friendly...at least to me on the battlefield. But I will unlock and load all my pasta guns and do everything not to win this battle against 6 opponents. 6 are needed to get me out of the game...6. Greetings and keep safe.
  11. Okay I give a clear statement: stop doing something and anything 😁
  12. I never alleged that I was talking about Germany. It could be a self reflection of my own position. What is the old saying again? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Now it will be shown who is who. But I guess I will not be around anymore to witness that. Greetings Rednas.
  13. It is over when it is over...but sometimes it is over....and you did not notice it... Greetings
  14. .....well I did hesitate to comment this...but not long. Well I guess there are TA's for, to support each other, to get rid of an enemy. I would also ask my TA's, if they have the opportunity and the power to help me...otherwise I would not quasi need my TA's and would do everything alone... So...that is my comment to this... Greetings Rednas
  15. Hello all Eh...question...is this a war game or a peace game? And yes it looks like Germany is not yet fully integrated in his TA group 😁. Happy Gaming to you all Greetings Rednas
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