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    My son, my Wife....Me, Myself and I, Victory, PC-Games, board games, playing soccer, reading, looking at Spongebob cartoons (in the hope I understand him better, in vain till now) , me garden, the place I live

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  1. I'm thinking of joining Victory game 107. Does anyone need an extra team member? Greetings Rednas
  2. The fact is Germany does not do it on its own...snif. πŸ˜₯. And if those interlopers are send home what will happen then? I can play on? What will happen with me and my allies? To my opinion and game playing players made agreements and alliances in the game. I personally do respect these made agreements as long as possible...even to the bitter end. For me that is the game about, mutual agreements. An exception is for instance if alliances are not longer valid if an ally is gone than a switch of sides could be an option. But...as I wrote before my pasta guns are loaded. It is an int
  3. I can definitely confirm...both sides are not friendly...at least to me on the battlefield. But I will unlock and load all my pasta guns and do everything not to win this battle against 6 opponents. 6 are needed to get me out of the game...6. Greetings and keep safe.
  4. Okay I give a clear statement: stop doing something and anything 😁
  5. I never alleged that I was talking about Germany. It could be a self reflection of my own position. What is the old saying again? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Now it will be shown who is who. But I guess I will not be around anymore to witness that. Greetings Rednas.
  6. It is over when it is over...but sometimes it is over....and you did not notice it... Greetings
  7. .....well I did hesitate to comment this...but not long. Well I guess there are TA's for, to support each other, to get rid of an enemy. I would also ask my TA's, if they have the opportunity and the power to help me...otherwise I would not quasi need my TA's and would do everything alone... So...that is my comment to this... Greetings Rednas
  8. Hello all Eh...question...is this a war game or a peace game? And yes it looks like Germany is not yet fully integrated in his TA group 😁. Happy Gaming to you all Greetings Rednas
  9. Yes that ist true...but till now I did not drop the game...even not after playing the game for 50 turns against pc controlled nations. Dropping the game is always bad for the TA's, if there are any, but forcing a player to continue to play and pay for something he does not want to...that is not good for the player, TA's and the game. Players who drop too quick and too often, could have a difficult start in new games. Greetings Rednas
  10. Hi Those 17 will be destroyed, because they cannot merge...I guess.
  11. Hi friends Any others who thinks he will not make it to the end of the game? I can think of at least 2 candidates. So 18 turns to go. Greetings Rednas
  12. So all the hollidays are over...let the party on the VIC map begin for the last third part of the game...that will be the part of my friends and me...and we on course for what this game stands for: VICTORY. See you and get you on the battlefield. Greetings Sander
  13. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, stay safe. Greetings Rednas
  14. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, stay safe. Greetings Rednas
  15. Blablabla and more blablabla....and than I could not win the game because all the others used the rules, which all can use btw, to their benefit because I did not think about it or did not know...or did not want to use them out of moral objections... So...I do not know what is this all about...but to me ....wining about....about what again...oh the rules. I play the game 25+ years now. So accept them, program Victory 2...or look for another just as special game as this is. Good luck. Happy Gaming everyone. Greetings Rednas.
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