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  1. Once I ran setup it appears to run OK
  2. As a reasonably newbie minded player, I can see tracking the information needed to run an empire is not trivial. At the moment I can see at least 2 classes of information. 1) Over time data - This is stuff that you see on one turn that you will want to keep track of over the life of your Empire. Examples of this include : Tech ANZ's, System/Planet surveys, Ship designs. 2) Per Turn data - This is stuff you see every turn, but want needs tools to help manage each turn. Such as Planet production. Now while there are some basic examples of a few of these on the RTG site, it is obviou
  3. I could see this, but the EB order description seems to imply this (and explains why EB might exist, rather than a BI on the same pop group/priority number just replacing the old one)
  4. I guess what I had not realized until I read that order is that each priority value can have mulitple builds associated with it (for some reason I was thinking 1 per)
  5. Yet another silly newbie question. If I have a slot in my production order tooled to make stuff, and I want to update that slot (say, to increase the amount built), so I just issue a new BI order with the same build priority (and it effectively overwrites the old one) ? Makes sense that might work, but I did not find any mention of overwriting. Thanks
  6. Yeah, I knew about the scap limit. So I really only have 4 more on the slips, and they are all already marked for destruction ? (In which case I can add slips and finish the demolition, and prepare for my new fleet of doom .... OK, tiny flotilla of curiosity)
  7. OK, I am effectively on Turn 2. Last turn I issued scrap order for all 25 Pathfinder class ships that appear to be in my shipyard queue. However only 5 were marked to be scrapped. Looking at the Shipyard Report, I appear to have 5 different Pathfinders, namely : 530 Pathfinder class Corvette 0 / 12,000 Assign to Fleet 101 530 Pathfinder class Explorer 0 / 12,000 530 Pathfinder class Express Ship 0 / 12,000 530 Pathfinder class Fleet Explorer 0 / 12,000 530 Pathfinder class Fleet Scout 0 / 12,000 540 Pathfinder class Corvette 0 / 12,000 And the cycle repeats. Since my ship list onl
  8. If you check the Rolling Thunder website under SuperNova Turn Fees and Pricing : http://rollingthunder.com/supernova/SNTF.htm You will see it is now $6 per block of 40 orders.
  9. Well, finally found the correct Wiki about how to open it up as a Database in OO. Now to figure out how to get it into the spreadsheet. Further Edit that appears to work in OO. You open it up in Base as a Database, then use the OO Base as data for your Spreadsheet. To import I did a View/Data Sources/ This showed the Databases OO new, including the one I created to read the MDB. I then did a cut and past from the table into the spreadsheet, and adjusted the forumlas to fit OO's spreadsheet formula rules.
  10. I may just be a moron, but I cannot figure out how to get Open Office to get the data from the .mdb file (was gonna try Krelnett's idea). MDB is not even a file type option (at least within Calc).
  11. There we are, mass / 1000 = base fuel cost. I was having the same question. Returning after a long hiatus, so it is effectively just starting over.
  12. I am coming back to the boards after about an 8 year hiatus, and thought I would try and catch up on what has happened. But when I browse the boards, I can only see pinned topics, or topics that have messages posted on them since May. I would think there is a setting to control this (something like "only show topics newer than X"), but I cannot find any such control. I have looked every place I can think of, but no luck. Could someone point this poor blind fellow to where this control is ? Thanks, Balagor
  13. OK, I figured I would try out the sheets to see if they would help me with my Management. Problem is, I cannot even get the sheets to load. After downloading from your site, I try and open them in Excel 2002 on a Windows XP machince. (Came with PC as Microsoft Office XP Small Business). I turned Macro security to low incase that was the problem. It was not. What I get is when I try and load it the following error shows : Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost. When I hit OK, it the "Repairs" the file, and lists the following errors : Lost Visual Basic p
  14. A survey is good in one direction only. At the start all the outbound points from your home system are surveyed (your astronomers have been studying them for years). When you jump into a new system you will have to survey the warp point before you can make the return trip. However, you are guaranteed to succeed in surveying the warp points leading back into your system, so you have a hard time getting stuck on the first jump (unless its a one-way). After that you have to survey each direction, following the normal warp-point survey success rules. Balagor
  15. It seems clear the the SN data base has some sort of absolute X,Y,Z system to it. It is also clear the this information will not be distributed to us because it would be rather unbalancing (after all, if I know my X,Y,Z and your X,Y,Z I know how to get to you, and thus can coordinate either war or trade). In a "real universe" it would be possible for folks to figure out some form of coordinates, due to being able to ID stars by their spectrographic content (like we do with the Star Name), but for each race the coordinate system would be different (due to different definitions of distance a
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