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  1. Yes, I know I was very lucky in the Reubin system. But now I do lots of EXPLs in systems where I am stuck and can't crack the last WPs...
  2. Cycle 12: Clan Elder B’tai Hazra felt the vibrations in the ground. Some time ago Rear Admiral Evil Claw started a series of live fire exercises with the orbital defences in and around Dhalad Hur. It was some massive amounts of batteries that fired and that could be felt throughout the seat of Clan power. The research ministry had recently come up with new improved weaponry and they would soon be mass produced. Most would end up in new starships but he would make sure that some also boosted the defences at Dhalad Hur. It’s always best to prepare for the worst. The new Warq Riidyers hav
  3. Sorry for the late update but work is giving me a hard time right now. I really can't focus on the game at the moment... Cycle 11: Clan Elder B’tai Hazra studied the report in detail. This was a major finding and could potentially change the whole Hraas society. A large amount of defensive batteries had been ordered around Dhalad Hur to defend against orbital attacks. The digging crews had stumbled upon ancient ruins - ruins from an advanced culture that once spread throughout the whole galaxy. A whole lot of scientists had been sent to investigate the ruins more closely. Apparen
  4. I do have a trilogy in mind. It will be something like (I really have no clue why the first part is called episode IV but that is something they do in SF-trilogies ): Episode IV: Seven Clans of Una - A new hope Episode V: Seven Clans of Una - the Province strikes back Episode IV: Seven Clans of Una - Return of B'tai Hazra And no, I won't tell you what the Province is...
  5. Thank you both! I've been thinking on the problem as well but after consulting Vice Admiral Evil Claw I am satisfied with the way things are. Evil Claw seem to have something up his sleeve that will solve these first contact situations in a satisfactory manner.
  6. Cycle 10: It was not easy. Hearing all the news and rumours about the ministry he built from scratch. All the stuff he had been talking about was finally starting to become available to the Clans. Shai-Elerist, Academician on the run, had a bad grudge against B’tai Hazra and the dominating Dhalad Hur clan. He had defected to the Eleran clan and was boarding a Warq Riidyer disguised as a navigator. The first plan, to leave as a colonist on the first colony ships to the moon Eleran in Ludica had failed. Security had been too tight. Instead he had arranged to board one of the new Warq Riidyer
  7. Begins? I started waiting as soon as I had sent in my orders...
  8. Cycle 9: B’tai Hazra woke up with a gasp. His hearts pounded madly in his chest. Always the same nightmare, repeating itself but feeling really horrible each time. He did not have it every night but lately it had come more and more often. He rose from the warm blanket on the cave floor. Shaking his head to remove the last grogginess. The tiny light source at the roof was enough for him too see everything clearly in the large sleeping room. He had no problems remembering the nightmare. It was always the same. The dream always started at a space station above Dhalad Hur. The Hraas had fi
  9. As regular research continues like nothing have happened I presume that character generation also does. With the change that they are created at the colony instead. But that lies far beyond my own limited knowledge of the game...
  10. Ouch... If it keeps on like that I'll need to find a better job...
  11. I remember when I wrote this. There really wasn't much happening (which you can see in the lack of comments). Everything was running as 'planned' and I really had to find things in the results to write about. But I believe there are some good updates coming soon when their past is starting to reveal itself...
  12. Cycle 8: The Warq Riidyer was a compromise. Voyager Kilanuman and the exploration ministry had wanted a real scout with cargo capacity but Commodore Evil Claw and the navy had demanded a patrol ship with some offensive capacity. There were not resources enough to please them both. Instead the Warq Riidyer was a compromise between a scout and a patrol destroyer. It had been a heated debate as to what organisation they belonged but it had resulted in one more compromise. During ‘peace time’ the exploration ministry was in charge of them but in ‘times of need’ the navy took over. Neither was
  13. Yeah, I recently found out that I could ANZ items that are researchable. That will help. I also happened to repeat the mistake now that I run towards fusion engines and have forgotten (missed?) to I need improved processed radioactives as well... Quite expensive ships... I have cracked a couple of E's by using explorer characters and observatories. If I encounter more of these high level warp points I will have to follow your advice and build one or two of these ships. By then I should have transwarp as well as good engines making it worth investing such an amount of production i
  14. I must agree with the previous poster. A VERY impressive battle! I guess it decreased the size of the SN database as well...
  15. Cycle 7: Technologist Shai-Elerist was hiding. Death squads had stormed his cave only minutes after he had fled. News shows reported that he was wanted, dead or alive, by Clan Elder B’tai Hazra. They called him traitor, coward and much worse. The Eleran clan had never been among the larger clans but they felt it was their turn to be given a new place to live. Shai-Elerist was not against using them to survive. If he could stay hidden just a cycle or two more he planned to board the first Tyrqa Araan bound for the Ludica system. It was a win-win situation. If the Eleran clan kept him al
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