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  1. You truly do have your head in some haggis lol. Open your eyes in the fact those are paths to Syria and TJ. No one ever planned on going after Iraq until Iraq declared war. I was holding them off from Iraq specifically because of our agreement. Now you declared war on S. Russia and have him to deal with. Not because of anything I did. Reap what you sew. Again, you want to be the one to go back on an agreement then put me on your "blacklist" because I sure wouldn't partner with deal breakers a second time.
  2. Original intent was I don't attack Iraq, Saudi, and UAE and the 3 of you don't attack me. Only commitment on either side. I was asked if I intended to attack Turkey to let you guys know so we could coordinate. Turkey switched players before turn#1 and I was committed to not attacking either of you. However, since I am in a corner, I needed territory to get out. I even told you guys I was having territory ceded to get out. Yes, I have been building up. Not to break any promises I have made but to effectively operate outside of my borders. I had full plans on attacking Turkey until the players s
  3. Couldn't agree more! Haven't even been checking the forums and decided to take a peak and see all this whining coming from the desert. Seems like a bit of heat stroke confusion.
  4. I'm curious as to how I am a back stabber. I came to an agreement with 3 nations not to attack. I offered TAs to all. Agreed on alliance and then you attack my TAs. Have I broken my agreement...no. Have I been dishonest once...no. I'm kicking back watching the show and some how you think I'm dishonest. Can't wait to hear this explanation.
  5. Yeah, I'm curious too. What happened with Persia?
  6. Looking to jump in for #105. Played a long time ago but still have my maps, tech binders, and rules. Anyone looking to join a TA group?
  7. I meant is Supreme Sultan Steve? Sure is Rouge...how are things going?
  8. Where is everyone? Things have become eerily quite here for the last couple of weeks. Is it the calm before the storm or is everyone salivating over the fruits of their victories so far? Or...is everyone quietly looking over their shoulder to see who's coming next? Many have fallen but still many remain heading into the stretch run. Who is next to fall? Which alliance will sustain the onslaught to prevail? So so many questions remain. Stand up and be counted. Speak now in praise of your nations victories before possibly being silenced in defeat. My glass is raised to al
  9. I think BOOSTING the maximum BRC capacity might not be a bad idea.
  10. One suggestion I have for Victory II would be the option to split a large force for multiple attacks. Also, what about V1 and V2 rockets for German military. It was one of the premier weapons at the begining of the war and did massive damage and had strong terror qualities.
  11. I had a quick question I hoped someone could answer. Is there any maintenance cost for provincial fortifications after being built? I didn't see anything in the rules but that obviously doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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