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  1. I dont know if the DMX are really all that smart. They might be insane and sending more light cruisers would be the insane thing to do.
  2. The higher FC of the DMX fleets allows them to target more enemy ships but not necessarily the same ship with their damage blobs. Flag bridges have a higher chance of doing that. Now that you have shown you can defeat their smaller ships let's see if they up the ante and come at you with more powerful vessels.
  3. This happened to me once or twice before. The culprit was an error on my part where the data file I sent from my Orders to RTG folder was from a prior year with the same month/day
  4. Greetings!!!! And welcome to the Galaxy! We have been exploring the various galaxies for (gulp) 15+ years.
  5. Dont assume anything. I might have been Death Machines and then again it might not have been.
  6. It's just a matter of time. Our friend Lord Deependra has had some luck. Good or bad depends on who's point of view
  7. That makes a total of 6!!! for you Lord Deependra. Every possible direction of expansion is covered.
  8. Add sector 132 DMX to the list. We encountered their beacon this turn.
  9. I think you meant system beacons not colony. The DMX don't use pop groups like the biological races do. They use a completely different system of production that doesn't require pop groups. This is a bit of a disappointment as we were looking forward to facing them in ground combat and ripping off their limbs with our bare hands.
  10. That depends on the message broadcast from the beacon. It could have been a very friendly message.
  11. It's seems the Death Machines seem to be using the same weapon damage vectors based on ship type. The minelayers use mine damage vectors The light cruisers use sonic damage vectors And the Heavy Cruisers use cold.
  12. Slap! Slap! I had forgotten about that 25000 ton limit myself
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