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  1. Greetings from Barentras! We are the Garthim and we look forward to meeting you all in the cold dark depths of space. It's cold out there; don't go alone. Kinglord Gotram Meskeliar of the Barentrasi Economic Trade League Former member of the Galactic Senate Former Master of Mead for the Holy Brotherhood of Brewmasters Co-founding member of AWAIN
  2. A place for new species in the Draco Galaxy to introduce themselves to their future allies and enemies.
  3. ...like the lack of ICE in the Draco Galaxy, for instance?
  4. Magus666, did you see the extra PDF in your email this turn?
  5. What about the ability to upgrade the orbital facility to making Adv RefCrys without having the DISM/CON the new one?
  6. Turn X: NM to the planet or moon, COLB. Turn X+1: OC troops into newly-created popgroup, DIV, GATK.
  7. I use Excel to track production and research. I have been using it to keep track of planet and system data but a quick-and-dirty database might be better for that now that Flagritz has mentioned it. I also have a sheet in Excel that reads in the warp point info from my MDB file and produces the code I plug into GraphViz (it's free) to make my maps. Probably very similar to Omnigraffle as mentioned above.
  8. *twiddling thumbs* Hm. That's out of character. I'm going to have to design a lifeform with thumbs at some point...
  9. To get the most out of them, you need to build it on a planet as different as possible from your homeworld. Which means you'll probably need environment-mitigating installations so your science buildings don't go boom.
  10. I know enough about British English to know that a chemist is what we'd call a pharmacist. I don't get the toothpaste joke, though.
  11. As a bug, I resent the fact that people keep trying to "fix" us or "squash" us.
  12. Dang. Forgot how useless the starting Pathfinders are. Well, there's a few more wasted orders for my new position.
  13. I find it better to use multiple small ships for the simple reason that it's easier to reallocate them once a world is fished out.
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