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  1. Denmark checking in, would love to hear from Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Baltic if you would like to work on some diplomacy.
  2. Thank you for sharing. It looks like Ken was 63. Here is the Obit: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/colton-ca/kenneth-rozhon-9305246
  3. Ken, was a great guy and a loyal ally in every game we played, probably going back 20 + years. Really going to miss him, and it makes me thankful that we have a great player base. Rest in Peace!
  4. I just got in as Italy, drop me a line. If anyone else wants to work on some alliances please message me. - Andy
  5. So is the fight in Germany.
  6. I think they are a few more people that like to read and not reply too. Hey Austria here and boy we are heading into Winter but things are hot at home! Who knew that Lowlands would put his ENTIRE army in xBregenz? 16 MTN divisions, DAMN! That's more than I own period! Its going to take him half the game to move back and defend his homeland if the need arises, lol. - Austria 101
  7. Lol, I'd love to see that! What nation are you playing Isemann2?
  8. Hopefully things will pick up once turn one results come back. Then again once some TA's are formed and war starts we might get someone to start posting those cool fill in the color maps.
  9. Keep up the good fight! Everyone likes the underdog, woof!
  10. Austria 101 checking in and looking for contacts in and around my area. Always good to hear from my neighbors!
  11. I think you are missing the point. If I own the province and my TA owns the city and you bomb the city, my planes on FC should have a chance to intercept you on the way to the city. That just makes sense. How are my planes (that are covering the province) know that you intend to bomb my forces in the province vs. my TA's in the city? Not to mention that bombers are over powered in this game, I think this helps a small amount, after all it takes a lot of setup, or just dumb luck to even have a situation like this.
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