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  1. Just signed up. Only 7 left. Do we have a start up on the middle of the winter season in the near future????
  2. Interesting development in North America, not sure if that is correct. I thought USA was TA'd to Iceland
  3. If you have noticed in the past, Russ tends to update the list every month, month and a half. but it would be nice to see a update
  4. Frank Eisenman, Sioux Falls SD currently. Originally from Portland OR and started playing when introduced to the game by some fool (can't remember the shipmates name) on the USS Kamehameha in Pearl Harbor HI in 93-94. I was also the first person who put the Victory Maps available to everyone in electronic form.
  5. If your able to team up with a experienced player or players and work together, it will be a more enjoyable experience. But is also depends on the nation you setup and how aggressive the people around you are. There is a lot of things that you need to work thru, Military, Economic, and Production. Plus how you deal with resource short falls. Ask question and review the help forums to get the needed answers.
  6. The tank in question is M3 Stuart Light Tank. The Matildas didn't have the high flat side.
  7. It's not uncommon for new players to have issues, we all have made mistakes, so learn and keep trying.
  8. And speak of the devil, they are now in
  9. OK, Who thought they were about to get into a major Battle.
  10. Has anyone gotten their turn back yet?
  11. Always nice to know that my combat scouts can hold their own 400th Combat Scouts Group #400 moves to ****, Warp Point *****. ========================================================================================================================= Alien Fleet Sighting : **** Warp Point # ***** [in-system move by empire # 7267] [Stellar cartography reports that Warp Point # ***** has not yet been surveyed by your scouts] DMX Death Machines # 9999 'Metallic Sphere Orbiting Dead World' [Zulu] X0718-3 1 ML EX4M (Minelayer - 60,000 tons) [Zulu] X0718-5 1
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