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  1. I get that Dag, and appreciate that you post the maps. As for the CL, though there may be an aspect of gaminess to it, it's such a common practice that it's SOP to DW all TA's. Shouldn't ever be a big issue, though sometimes people forget.
  2. Excellent work Dag, but you missed RWE in Denmark I think.
  3. Sorry, but I've intercepted many TR's. Any country can do them, one fighter is all that's needed. TR is incredibly useful, while at the same time being incredibly realistic. I like you Fremen, but in this you're very wrong.
  4. Tactical recons are a gamey tactic? I couldn't disagree more with that. It's impossible to have a game actually be completely realistic, so the CL order can be misused, but I see that as a minor inconvenience. I recall being blocked by your group in Iberia in game 101 by the CL order, and blaming myself for not DW all TA's. If you TA 1, you should probably TA all, standard Victory! tactic. Danny, I think your post was excellent, and I'll be happy to fight you or work with you in any game.
  5. I don't dispute it's abused, but there are so many other things that are far more gamey in my opinion. Top of the list is delaying your turn to blind an opponent, which has happened to me a couple of times in 105 already. I agree with Dag that the legacy of a PBM game that hasn't been updated is a big cause of gamey behavior. With today's technology, it would be easy to email any battle reports to somebody involved when they happen.
  6. I'm of the opinion that if you war on one TA, you war on them all, so I think you should DW the entire group. That prevents the CL from mattering.
  7. Is Sun Tzu France? I was thinking he was Austria.
  8. Is Austria trying to be Switzerland reborn? Spend the game neutral?
  9. I'll weigh in. Victory! is both a wargame and a diplomacy game. Not being privy to the discussions between the two parties, I can't say what the actual truth is here. What I will say, is virtually everybody in this game has both been a TA of mine and an enemy of mine at some point. Some people believe a good backstab is a winning strategy. Some believe that they must keep a deal even if it costs them the game. Both are viable options in a game of this sort, and ultimately it's up to the individual to make the deals he thinks will work out for him.
  10. So what happened with Persia?
  11. Dag, Greece is still white. Needs to join Yugoslavia, Rumania and CR.
  12. Greece should be with Yugoslavia et al (aqua?) and is at war with the CE alliance (lt. blue?) I think a major city has changed hands between pink and green.
  13. Looks like he's looking to get out of Denmark, thinks Germany will be nicer.
  14. That's funny, I'm looking forward to visiting!
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