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  1. Well, I must have missed the red team all declaring war on the blue team.
  2. Haven't seen any evidence of that, care to give me some facts?
  3. Red certainly looks dominant, and with blue and green your "friends" don't see them being stopped anytime soon.
  4. Sander had to make a choice. He was already fighting in the north, and he couldn't fight on both fronts. Could he have stemmed the African invasion? Possibly, but he was dead from the moment the Africans landed. His fate was likely sealed when Germany entered the war. I have no issue with his continued fighting in the north, the fact that he fought at all once Africa attacked him shows a commitment I wish others had for this game. Do I wish he'd fought the Africans instead of Germany and France? Of course I do, but I can't condemn him for his play. He backed the wrong horse, should have thrown
  5. Sounds like an excellent plan
  6. And I endorse the BR plan for Victory II.
  7. Venice has been German for awhile. You'll need more help if you want to take it.
  8. I am fighting the Balkan alliance, and wish that was all I was fighting, but I'm also fighting Italy, and though he dropped, his entire army is still facing me. I didn't even realize you were at war with France until the past couple of days, I suspect it's not relevant, with the Balkan-Russian group and our killing troops at an epic level, I suspect all of Europe will soon belong to Africa anyway.
  9. What? I've been fighting Italy for far longer than you. Why would I be condemned for attacking south but you feel you can attack north with impunity? Your comment makes no sense. Am I supposed to stop fighting the alliance I've been fighting since turn 3 just because you want to go further north? Besides, you completely ignored my email, not giving me negative or positive feedback, and it's more then a month ago. If you'd bothered to respond other than to laugh, and negotiated a peace line, we could have easily worked it out. Explain how your thought process works, I start fighting that TA gro
  10. Poor Germany, can't catch a break
  11. The African alliance looks really big to me.
  12. Bulgaria is conquered. SO the Balkan countries will probably go somewhere else. gee, I wonder where that could be. Italy, if you dropped, you should have told your army in Bellinzona.
  13. Good to see them fighting in the south, we wondered if they were ceding their nation to the Africans. You actually packing it in Rednas?
  14. This has been a very fun game from the start, I appreciate these kind of games. We always knew being in the middle would make it tough. Everybody in Europe is waiting expectantly for the west, where will they attack?
  15. Sounds like a great vacation!
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