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  1. Been a tough game for Finland. Sweden is doing pretty well, he basically traded the north of Sweden for the south of Norway, and is in solid shape. We're working on a solution to the Russian problem, though it's rarely easy dealing with them.
  2. I appreciate your position on allies, and completely agree. If you're shooting pasta, shoot some my way, love some good Italian food!
  3. Hehe, Rednas, it's hard when you get ganged up on, and though you are attacked by 6, I disagree that it requires that many. Germany will be happy to do the task alone, send those other interlopers home!
  4. My guess is, the African powers meet up with Germany/France somewhere in Italy. The question is, are the Africans friendly?
  5. So I predict an African invasion of Italy or Spain, which happens a couple of turns later, and I'm nagging? Herr Goebbels, your working to hard.
  6. The African menace is real. With all the bloodshed in Europe, I won't be surprised if Africa and the island/new world alliances end up splitting Europe.
  7. Cryptic. Are you saying it's over for Germany, but I don't know it yet, or it's over for Austria, and he didn't realize it just a few turns ago. Or perhaps you're referencing Italy? I figured it would be a tough sled to take you out, but then I wasn't expecting the Africans to show up in Italy this early.
  8. Austria obviously backed the wrong horse.
  9. Hmm, what exactly did Rumania take from Poland? Well, apparently nagging works, lol. I see no reason for the islands and new world to meddle in European affairs. Faeroe is close enough.
  10. Not sure there is one. The grey team owns the most territory, and would likely be ahead on points today. But things are rather fluid.
  11. What on earth could the USA have to worry about, with Canada and every island nation a TA, and all the European continent at war, seems obvious.
  12. Sure, though I suspect they've run, not my job to protect your secrets.
  13. Hmm, so I guess I was right. Africa just invaded Italy. Protestations aside, here comes Yellow
  14. YellowSweden, Finland, Baltic states, Germany, Poland. Fighting a war on almost all fronts. Took out most of Denmark Working together with Violet and Pink They look to the West. Then they look to the North. Then they look to the South, then they look to the East and feel surrounded. Unfortunately, this part I knew. Just look at the map, Green/Dark Grey virtually surround us, and before the successful Danish and Lowlands adventures, did.
  15. Thanks for that Dag, I struggle mightily with the colors
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