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  1. Hello snova players! I haven't played in about a year and a half. Just curious if anything exciting is happening in the game. Any Dyson Spheres or Ringworlds out there? Lord Uriel
  2. has anyone had any trouble running the turn entry program on Windows 7? Oh, turns are in.
  3. So I was not the only one with a explore hit? I found a tech item but have not been able to analyze it.
  4. Ok, I'll be the one to ask. When should we expect turns?
  5. Ok, I'll give in. What is the projected arrival time?
  6. Few tech goals? Is that possible?
  7. By my count this weekend will be the 200th turn for the first players. Any thoughts on this occassion? Do the GMs have something special planned? Will there be a shipment from the brewmasters? How long will it take for Blend Me another to build a 1 trillion ton ship and what will be the point of the game when this happens? Is there a guestimate of how many core players are still involved? Just some random thoughts.
  8. Alright, I'll be the first to ask. Are we there yet?
  9. Turns have been lost in a Universal Gate misshap. Someone (you know who you are) sent 1 trillion tons of ICE-4 through a gate and the database imploded. All empires have been reset to turn zero. Enjoy your weekend.
  10. Actually I'm working off the assumption that if we keep real quiet until later today then Pete will surprise us again. ditto ...
  11. Ok .... Does that mean they are on the way, later tonight, in ten minutes, never, I just won the lotto and I'm done with you wackos, I just saw the news and dollar is worthless, zombies are on the march, Obamacare has passed and I'm happy, China is in open revolt and the war is live on tv, The Holy Brotherhood of Brewmasters stopped by and we've opened some libations, Russ thinks we should become bounty hunters, my son is in the NHL and I can take it easy now, the Flying Spaghetti Monster has judged the world and the meatballs of destruction are upon us ... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!
  12. Feeling optimistic are we? or have you just initiated some major battles or something And please don't confuse us British like that...the 3rd of August would be a very late turn indeed Nothing of consequence on my end. Just looking at trends. I would prefer to be wrong.
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