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  1. That was how bo killed minicheroptera before he dropped Andromeda . The Ori followed in his footsteps , but on a smaller scale . It was 50 million wild weasels and about 60 million fighters ( Balrogs , Locusts , Kodiak and Overlords ) . The Ori lost about 5 million drones and about a million fighters , along with about 2.5 billion tons of screens .
  2. Turns came in ....2510 can boast of 84 billion tons of rubble at the warp point entrance to Nykko .....the carrier strike was highly effective .
  3. The wait for turns is agonizing 😐
  4. Not a problem ! Give us your telephone number , and we can give you a call in the early hours of the morning to make sure you don't pass out 😆...jk Pete .
  5. Yes , I would expect that to my suggestion.....
  6. Let's take off the readout of processing the orders , and just put in one sentence ..The orders and results were magnificent !
  7. Interesting....if you are not signed in , then RTG game development topic does not show up . Only when you are logged in are you able to read that topic ....something is messed up on the board .
  8. That is an enormous amount of suction......😿
  9. It's that time ...turns are incoming !
  10. I sure would love to play The Next Empire again . It was a game created by Frank Coker and friends . Cyborg Games was his company , and Cyborg eventually sold the game to Reality Simulations . They ran it for a couple of years , and then I guess interest ran out on the game , and Frank took the game back . There was chatter that he was making it a game to play on the internet , and he even had a website up for it , but that also died out . There were 21 player star bases on the map , and I believe about 7-8 computer run bases . Each base had factories on it ( weapon factories and assorte
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