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  1. You say " much much " older , yet the first turn was due on Jan 9 , 2008 ....and 673 was my first position , so I made plenty of rookie mistakes in the beginning . If you say you started playing on 2009 , then that is a years difference . Not really that much in SN game time . How can you say 10 times the size of your position when you had and have absolutely no idea how large 673 was or is . And after your deceit at Mescata , when I started getting warships to the area , by 10 or so turns of fighting you quit the game , so a very poor showing in a very short time .
  2. Ahh , I see , I err ....you can post over the internet now . Congratulations ! New info is always good to get .
  3. Hi , person who is posting for the original owner of the Talosian #2625 ....I don't believe the original owner can post here just yet . Have fun in Draco , as your end time here in Andromeda was not so pleasant when you ran into 673 . I am not in Draco , nor will I ever be in Draco .
  4. Not to forget , the venerable NDNG...Drone Nova Dreadnaught
  5. If Draco follows Andromeda , then you are looking at Strike Cruisers after 600,000 tons .
  6. Mines exist , and the tech tree is convoluted . It all ends with warp mine rack . Warp Mine Rack: Your scientists, tiring of simply blowing enemy ships into smithereens, decided to add a twist to mine technology. Rather than smashing the target's armor with explosives, annihilating it with antimatter explosions or even sucking it into a miniature black hole, they have come up with what they consider to the be the most fiendish and advanced mine system ever. Should a target ship blunder into an area seeded with Warp Mines, its fate is sealed. With virtually no explosive force, making them
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