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  1. Can only speak for myself, my stockpiles are large enuff to not need any bonus production. Just repairing the bug is sufficient. Thanks Pete. Thanks rfouason for catching this.
  2. Same problem here. None of the mines produced what they were supposed to.
  3. Thank you Pete. After getting a message, it was clear what I did wrong. When I click OPEN in gvedit, I was selecting neato, dot, etc etc, that was my mistake. Once I clicked to OPEN the exported file from snfindpath in gvedit, then the map generates as intended. Also, in the snfindpath, be sure to select a start system and an end system before you export. 1. Export your data from snfindpath(select start system and end system first) 2. Start gvedit.exe and select OPEN file 3. In the dialog box that pops up, navigate to where you saved your exported .map file and select it to open
  4. Hello. Having an issue getting graphviz running on my new laptop. Hopefully somebody smarter can point out where my mistake is. Downloaded the MSI https://graphviz.gitlab.io/_pages/Download/windows/graphviz-2.38.msi Ran the installer. In my list of programs, gvedit.exe is the only thing listed as installed, so I click on it. I click on OPEN file and select dot, dotty, or neato application. After I open neato, I get this output console statements: working on C:/Program Files (x86)/Graphviz2.38/bin/neato.exe Error: <gvedit>: syntax error in line 1 near 'MZÂ'
  5. In Andromeda, the power surplus mentioned in the turn report has never been correct in the 10+ years I have played. Pete has never been able to figure it out. If this system has never been fixed for the launch of Draco, then expect the report to be wrong. Trust your calculation and always have some excess.
  6. As the title says. Merry Christmas to all and thanks to RTG for the games. Be well all.
  7. That would depend on the definition of reasonable.
  8. Yep, no hate for Hobknob here. He been free with advice to me. People are getting overly passionate and getting worked up. Relax.
  9. You want something like a beacon removed, email Pete.
  10. Review the orders supplement. It will list what orders can be put into con oy routes.
  11. Yes. It is about the sequence. Offload first, then issue the build order.
  12. Well, that is one way for Pete to keep fleet engagements from taking hours or longer to process.
  13. TY and best to you and your family as well Hobknob. Merry Xmas and happy new years to all!
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