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  1. Grinding away still - should have results ready in a few hours.
  2. Still grinding away - it's been a long night. Results should be ready to send out in the next couple of hours.
  3. Andromeda update: this cycle is still grinding away, but with many more hours to go. I'm expecting to be able to put results and data files together some time tomorrow (Friday) morning.
  4. Are you sure that the name of the item in question is Space Mines rather than something similar but not exactly that?
  5. Hmmm - it looks like it would have only affected worlds with high yields (a side effect of a calculation change I had to make for Draco). I can fix it so that this doesn't happen again, but it's impossible to correct for this turn as it only affected some worlds and isn't something that can be spot corrected. I understand that this affects the larger empires the most but it's one of those situations that has no happy ending just for this one cycle My sincere apologies for the trouble. Blame it on a massive subspace solar flare that miraculously spread throughout the region? Sigh. Edi
  6. As a side note all DMX forces are part of the same empire # 9999, so even if they didn't always attack because of their Zulu ROE setting, you would have only needed to issue one PAP, 9999, WAR order (but you won't need to).
  7. All of the Draco results went out late last night - if you haven't received yours let us know. I haven't received anything kicked back by any mail servers as undelivered.
  8. Solid advice. Sadly we don't get any more bio-points to bioengineer new bodies, so we're stuck with what we have 😮 I'm staying well away from those pesky huu-mans who happen to inhabit this rock, taking whatever reasonable precautions that I can. Take care everybody
  9. Sample.pdf I use graphviz on .map files created from snfindpath and it works fine. I do however delete everything after the first few lines that isn't the actual node connections. There's an example below. Make sure that you do not open that map file and then save it using anything other than a plain ascii text editor--any hidden characters (like the usual paragraph or line break marks added by MS Word, for instance) will mess up graphviz's ability to read the file. I use Notepad--simple and effective. You could add fleet info in as well, but you'd need to either edit the map
  10. The following order deletes every entry for a given convoy route. Substitute the key words CLEAR ALL for the priority # you want to edit: ECNV, convoy route name, CLEAR ALL, 0
  11. Lots of action in Andromeda this cycle, which I expect to last throughout the afternoon Zero chance results will be ready tonight.
  12. Point defense systems act as any other defensive system, reducing incoming damage in this case against incoming missile firepower. Pulse Engine technology on either side has no effect on this calculation. Against any particular damage type (cold, coherent beam, gravitonic, missile and so forth), a ship suffers damage = incoming_damage / (1 + the_appropriate_defensive_modifier). Without any defensive systems installed, the ship would therefore suffer full damage from that damage type (dividing by 1+0, or 1). If it was, say, a 200,000 ton ship, and had 200,000 point defense strength (from ho
  13. Pulse engines make your fighters/drones/gunboats more difficult to destroy. Your best pulse engine tech sets the base in that formula, to which is added a bonus based on all of the pulse engine technologies you have researched. For example, suppose you research Mk I Nuclear Pulse Engine tech and no other pulse engine techs. In this case the formula would see Mk I Nuclear Pulse Engine tech as the base, and then a bonus is added onto that based on only Mk I Nuclear Pulse Engine tech (because it's the only one you have). That bonus would be much smaller than the base, but it still add
  14. Absolutely not tonight - unfortunately, real world issues have interfered with turn entry on this end. I haven't been able to start the run yet, so definitely late results this time around
  15. Andromeda turns update: extremely high winds overcame Weather Control Stations in the northeast, causing cascading widespread power outages. After almost 24 hours, power has finally been restored--allowing me to restart the rudely interrupted run I had just begun last night. I have to start from scratch, so results won't be ready until some time tomorrow. Ugh.
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