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  1. Good to know. So, a ground installation with Cargo, Drone Rack, and Fighter bay. Assign an explorer and let it it EXPL for a while. Thanks.
  2. So, as a follow up, does that then mean you have to have cargo space in your fleet or you lose the items you find?
  3. Has anyone done an Explore action on their homeworld?
  4. Oh, okay. Not to give away my Cunning Plan but I was going to explore the home system with the supplied fleet then upgrade before venturing out into the Big Beyond.
  5. I have my shipyards producing ships, but I haven't placed an order for them. It appears to be standing order, but it's not on my list of standing orders. How do I clear out that production cue?
  6. It was Saturday and the turns were alright. To paraphrase The Who
  7. Thanks! It looks like the data for the empire didn't update... from what I remember. Have to poke at it some more when I get home.
  8. Okay, I've got the program loaded and it took my empire ID. Now... when I go to the "put in orders" area, there's a drop down menu of orders, and a long bar below that looks like a single line from excel, with a space below that. Is there supposed to be anything there? I updated the information, it said "Info updated" but I didn't see any numbers in there. Do I manually put in the info, and then any comments? Just as a comment, a "sample turn" with screen shots showing how it works would be great. Maybe include that in the manual, or with your first turn?
  9. Good plan, I'll have to give it a go tomorrow, have to get up for work in 5 hours as is.
  10. Finally got a spare machine at home working... hopefully I can get my orders in on time, still getting the same error message though: Runtime Error 3075: System error ( missing operator ) in query expression 'EmpireName=Ic'tia Consultium".
  11. My guess: keep the hippies out of the facility.
  12. Yep, followed the instructions exactly. Then, about 2 hours later my machine crashed, and after a fruitless night, hi-ho it's off to the repair place I go.
  13. I get a "Runtime 3075" error when I try to load up the Imperial Palace program.
  14. I'd like to know that, and ICE as well...
  15. Nothing as of 10:17AM PST... Lots of setups huh? So much for a nice quiet neighborhood...
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