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  1. I tend to agree that the game system is not a terribly "fun" tactical combat game of ship to ship combat. Perhaps what I should have said is what we might really crave is a "combat simulator" so we can test various weapon and defensive sytems in combat so we can better prepare our ships in the game. A standalone game would not be terribly fun as you point out but it could help us design better ships
  2. I sense the REAL goal or desire in this thread is to have a variant of the game where you can have one on one combat with an opponet in a virtual arena type setting. How about a standalone game using this format: You would be given $1,000,000 credits to buy technology levels set at diferent prices and so many tons of Raw materials at some set price You proceed to build a fleet and on turn 6 battle begins in the nuetral star system located between the two opponets. Bragging rights goes to the winner! All the fun WITHOUT the burden of running an economy and exploring a vas
  3. Another item we need relief on is the rule that does not allow fighter cover routes to pass over enemy/TA provinces. What possible bearing does the control of a province have or the ability of my fighters to fly missions through that province? I am so weary of defending my airbases from total elimination form either air40 drops on them or TAS strikes. My typical defense for a major airbase at say xParis is 2-4 armoured divisions in xParis and 50 fighters in the airbase on FC mission over Paris and other provinces win the area. That worked resonably well until an enemy took Paris with
  4. This point is VITAL for the success of VIC2. As proof I would turn your attention to the results of the recently completed V84. I have never seen anything as blatant as these results and RTG publishes them as a "validated" WIN for the victors. I see two countries ran by the brothers/sisters of the winning team members and these countires have negative morale, treasury and minimal territory but they "survived" to turn 72. In the "old" days when people cared about appearances and RTG pretended to care about cheaters the Zombie countries dropped out about turn 69 so they did not turn up in the f
  5. Visitors at Ecgbert! Its always a great opportunity to meet new neighbors but there are so many decisons and concerns for the proper protocol to be wrestled with..........<sigh> What kind of Diplomatic Shuttle should I send to greet you? I have the SIUYR class (Stick it Up Your Reactor Class) or the LDR class (Large Dining Room Class) available. I would suggest you turn around and leave and then a LDR class shuttle will be waiting when we need to meet again for a lengthy and profitable meeting. Should you decide to stay then perhaps you would enjoy a very brief meeting on a
  6. Russ, Any update on some of the basic themes or major changes you have established for the Vic2???? My basic wish list is some sort of Strategic movement option allowing units to triple or quadruple their movement rates when taking road movement exclusively through controlled provinces. For instance the German could radidly shift armoured and infantry divisions from Poland to the French border using the Autobohn and did not have to stop and dismount in fear of the enemy being "just over the next hill" as they would when moving into an enemy controlled province. An the BIG change i
  7. I have grown accustomed to getting my turn on Thursdays based on the last months efforts that Pete has produced. Will we get lucky tonight?
  8. Greetings Raffle. The Sedcor note your presence at our Grand Nexus of Tombe. We sense that many others will be meeting us at this location. You are welcome to stay and get aquainted but going beyond Tombe will cause us great distress. I suggest you find a nice little planet here to make a trading outpost and we will see what kind of relationship grows between us and any future arrivals. Perhaps the Golden Rule is also near and will be joining us????
  9. Winning the Game is not always a realistic way to measure success. I suggest you use your statistical prowess for the worthy challenge of findng the players with the greatest record of achieving the various ranks of Best Nations. Perhaps 1 pt for 10th place and 10 points for 1st place and see which players rise to the top of the heap. Thats just 400 data points to play with. Have fun!
  10. Oh Mighty Oracle, Your analysis looks so complete; it makes me wonder about the few missing pieces such as: Southern Russia???? USA/Canada???? Iceland??? What do you see in their future?????
  11. Here is the link(s) to that analysis which in summary was Great britain must be Iceland's TA or Slave if Iceland is to survive. http://www.rollingthunderforums.com/index....ost&p=35300 http://www.rollingthunderforums.com/index....ost&p=35307
  12. I am a bit distressed that for 2 months no one wishes to discuss the S & T of Victory! All of my conclusions from this fact are a bit negative and bode ill for a game we all love and respect RTG for giving us the opportunity to play it. My thoughts for all this silence are: 1) No new players are joining the game with questions on how to play 2) Veteran players have NOTHING more they can learn (or do it privately with e-mails between themselves) 3) Players are bored and finding other venues for their paper mayhem. Not a good trend. It alls seams to boil down to STAGNATION
  13. I would suggest one other item for this variant. NO TA's allowed. The PAP TA order would have to be crippled (or watched over by Russ). Mano to Mano, full backstabbing mode, and FULL fog of war for all parties. This would be a Man's Game.......who would support it?
  14. I have need to Air Drop some toops into a besieged city. It is clear of course that the OMA ADT is a primary mission for the air force but I can find nothing about if it is primary mission for the ground unit. Specifically can I move a ground unit to a city where my transport planes ae waiting and then perform the OMA ADT mission? Conversly could a ground unit in the city with the transport planes perform the OMA ADT mission land in the city and then attack the province? If if I could, surely it would not work if I merged with another army at the city I transported to, would it?
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