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  1. The results from turn 19 Africa attacked Spain and Italy, with surprising results. Rumania forced back Poland and now has part of his LGT back And Southern Russia took xKirkuk. [Propaganda] After some consideration Algeria and Tunisia mounted a pre-emptive invasion, to prevent a sudden attack from the north or west. And to stop Germany nagging about when we finally are gong to do something. So his efforts can be directed to the islands and the New World. [/Propaganda] Next turn: - Someone from the other side of the ocean does something - The Sheep is still alive
  2. And here are the results from turn 18. xVienna falling is the biggest news. s,
  3. The grass is always greener on the other side?
  4. Let's descibe it in words then. And I have 2 frernds that are colorblind. It is impossible to make a map that both of them understand, as they do not have the same form of blindness. Red: Turkey + S.Russia + Persia. Busy gobbling up Iraq and Syria. Party TA'd to Bulgaria, Egypt and Libya. Green: Portugal + Spain + Italy + Austria (+Lowlands + Denmark) Busy pushing north Working together with Dark grey/Blue. While they are at war they conduct a common diplomacy and strategy They look to the West. Then they look to the North. Then they look to the south and feel surrounded.
  5. Did purple finally move? Must have missed something.
  6. Then we will fortify our sacred home soil against the inevitable German invasion
  7. Turn 17 saw the fall of xZurich, xCasablanca and xOslo
  8. And once again a lot of questions are not answered
  9. The results for turn 16. I have simplified the alliance overview in the upper right hand corner It isto early yet to divide the playeres up in a limited number of Super-alliances, as one of the TA's is still totally uncommitted. Well, technically the Western Islands are at war with Green as well as medium Blue, (Faroe and Kuwayt), but that is not saying much yet. And on the horizon there are rumors of capitals falling.... (Plural), but allk of that in two weeks time. Stay tuned!
  10. No further maps from me, this time.
  11. No new trends or major developments What will Canada do next? Were will the red team go?
  12. Hey, I can only go on what I see in the RWE, so of course I am missing part of the story. And about the political situation: It would seen logical to divide the world in as few teams as possible. It would certainly mean an easier map. The inactivity ot the western islands makes everyone a bit paranoid. If they choose the weakest point to gain a common beachhead that point would be in deep trouble. And for Africa: the Moroccans don't agree with you and the picture is a bit murky with all the phoney wars, 2dn and 3rd layer TA's et cetera. The enemy of mij friend is my enemy?
  13. New map: Turn 15 saw the liberation or occupation of what's left of Transjordan, Bucarest and Tartus, and some changes in Baltic States. And everyone is keeping out a nervous eye on the western islands. The game seems to hang on a lot of delicate balances with 5 blocks competing with eachother
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