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  1. The colour is just chance, but it looks a bit like Swiss cheese
  2. AFAIK he has suffered massive paradrops. Not sure how to draw this. (And it is turn 30)
  3. New map: - The islands have chosen to attack France. That is, Ireland has. Maybe the rest will follow. - Norway goes south - Poland is Paradropped.
  4. Well, it is not as if I have that many spare orders to spent on random SIM POL's. Occasionaly I use one if I have some room for it, but orders are scarce. And for it being obvious: no. I remember a DW of Switzerland against Germany. And a lot has been said about your position. When our invasion was planned you were master of southern France and most of Switzerland, and it seemed you would walk right through to the north. This feeling was reinforced by Marks complaints that we weren't doing enough against you. And you should have seen it coming. In turn 19 Morocco was gone
  5. And Ireland DW France? Lots of interesting things happening
  6. Ok, I'll bite. I have absolutely no idea what is happening to Poland. It does kind of change the picture IMHO. It is quite a change in the map op turn 30.
  7. - Festivities in Tunisia now that Syria does not Baaaaaahahaha's on us. We are relieved. - The Central Alliance (Yellow) is being pushed back in the north and against Rumania. - France/ Lowlands seems to be TA'd to Czechoslovakia/Hungary.
  8. Small changes in Tunisia. Some sounds like "BOOM" and "Crush" in the air, but I do not know were they originate from. Someone should explain the civil war between Turkey and Central Russia to me.
  9. And the Yellow team all declaring war on the Red team? Or Vice versa?
  10. The mere fact that you do not see the battle reports is not an indication of a lack of action. If I were to follow the same line of reasoning Hungary is at peace and has been at peace for 28 turns now. I do believe it is not.
  11. ... Except for the fact that "Blue" and Red are fighting with eachother too. It is a three way war.
  12. - The French take xNimes as a compensation for xMarseilles - Norway advances against Sweden - Northern Russia advances against Baltic States. On the Next map: Are friends of friends of friends of Friends my Friends?
  13. New map: There seem to be all kind of developments in the world that is Victory 104, but most are lost to me. Nevertheless, Red pushed further into Libya and xBratislava was lost. Alas.
  14. New Map: Germany takes xZagreb, and Czechoslovakia takes xNasaud, breaking the apparent stalemate on the Balkan front. Spain takes xMarseilles, pulling one back for the Iberian team.
  15. That would certainly be a lot of battle reports, but I think it can be done. Battle reports are stored somewhere already to add them to the battle reports of the future enemy and TA turns, so the only thing needed would be for the computer to consider all other positions as a TA -for this only-. Ypur suggestion is the superior option, but it practically would require generating mail reports automatically, and I fear that this is beyond the capability of the current program. It is, after all, stil a play by mail program. If it could work, it would be a nice setup for a Victory II. If we e
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