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  1. Paul Hartmann emigrated to the US in 2005 and is the CEO of PBM Express USA. PBM express itself is still in business, but not this kind of games any more.
  2. Small changes this turn (well, the turn of two weeks ago) Well, Autria is no longer Neutral. That's some news And what's next? Stay tuned, for next turns episode of "The Map"
  3. Good memories about the place
  4. The map according to the RTWE of a turn ago
  5. Well, its time for that honoured tradition: A New Map were I make mistakes, draw frontlines were there aren't any and draw conclusions made on a certain lack of information. But those viewers of the forum that are not in the game might get an indication on what's happening. And the propaganda-heavy conclusions: - The Glorious Austrian-Hungarian-Czech empire claws back a city, in revenge for xInnsbruck. - Paris finally falls to the Western Mediterranean Empire. That took some effort. And Italy made peace with Red. And there is some diversion in France. It is daid that "The British
  6. The map at the middle of turn 11. - The Africans (Orange) are mopping up Morocco while gaining a strong foothold in the middle east, putting that alliance at a disadvantage with all the ARM production down. - The Middle East tries to mop up the African Incursions, while mounting counter-invasions and trying to stem the incursions from the north. And breeding more sheep. - In the Balkan there is a mopping race to see if Bulgaria can be conquered before Rumania is. - The Yellow Alliance *central Europe) is mopping up Denmark and Lowlands, - The green alliance in Western Europe
  7. It seems that air assaults are very popular this game The RWE are not being clear, but "Red" appears to be running in front.
  8. New map: It is the map at the middle of turn 10, just after my own turn
  9. Well, yes, on the detailed map it makes sense, As xDamascus is only 2 SMR from the Transjordan/Egyptian border, some of the provinces in between were taken by Egypt and Libya but none of the cities. And the map is based on RWE, so conquered provinces don't show up.
  10. Halfway through turn 9. May all your explosions and fireworks be to your amusement.
  11. Yes, well, there are limits to the things cartography can display. Like: - Which war is "hot" and which one is just for preventing CL issues. A lot of the DW are "preventive" - Which war is a real conflict and which one is to better make war against a third party. Like in #104. - There is a difference between being at war against him and waging war. Time will sort out these things. Follow this space. But for this moment, Algeria and Tunisia are waging war against Morocco and only Morocco. There has been an unfortunate incident concerning some border signs and a misunderstanding wi
  12. The map halfway through turn 8.
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