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  1. Ah, I see the spirit of the sheep has returned.
  2. The map is a snapshot at the moment my own turn result returns to me. And in this game it is a turn late, so map #7 is published when I get Tunisia turn #8. In the past my TA's remided me that I was giving away too much information, and the main function of the map is just to provide a narrative of a game for all readers of the forum. For everyone to see what all the fuss is about. For those readers and while I am at it: the discussion on abuse of the CL order was caused by Orange (Africa) overrunning some provinces in the middle east (blue), withdrawing from some and c
  3. New map: - Map based on SIM POL';s and RWE for turn 7 - I do not pretend that the information is complete - Visible progress in Morocco - Better keep an eye on the west (well, the islands over there) - While there is another discussion on the CL location, nothing is decided yet on the battlefield (in the middle east)
  4. I can entirely agree with the spirit behind that.
  5. It is impossible to adress this problem within the bounds of the current game rules. The only way to prevent this is a total revision of the alliance system, so a war against a member of a TA automatically gets you into a war with all its members. For a reduced morale cost. But that would cause all kinds of nasty wars like declaring war on someone you did not know was TA's to the other, and even declaring war on yourself. Removing the TA order alltogether destroys a vital aspect of the game. So does Limiting a CL to the original owner. It is a relic of a play-by-mail- game in
  6. Well, lots of things happening but I do not always know their meaning. - Algeria and Tunisia seem to be dropped with Libya and Morocco taking over theri positions. - If they make some kind of deal from this it will have consequences. - The RedAlliance is taking the lead, with blue and
  7. This sounds suspicious like Fake News to me ..... You sound like someone with a rich imagination, so let me ask: - Why - would we do such a thing? While our precious African alliance is committed to a life-and-death struggle with the Middle East, which is full of sheepmolesters and the perfidious Moroccan Empire?
  8. Care to tell me were that rumor came from? Not much happening in this turn, according to the RWE. More will happen in turn 7 and if I were Spain and Italy I'd keep an eye on the west.
  9. Well, most of the existing wars do intensify, The Western Islands and Austria remain neutral.
  10. New Map - Further losses to the Violet alliance in Africa and the middle east. - The red empire seems poised for world domination and do have a lot of options. - The war between the Southwest alliance and blue intensifies.
  11. Hey AFAIK its 5 against 5. May the best win.
  12. Hey, the forum is called "propaganda ministry" for a reason. and nothing gets men more angry than the feeling that trust has been betrayed. Whether that trust was based on facts or not. Let's concentrate on the work at hand. At the moment us Tunisians are bound up in the Atlas mountains, I do like some Haggis, though. And I know were I can find some some, still walking around in kit form.
  13. Game #106 Some typical patterns emerging here. Usually the Balkan countries remain free until the last moment
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