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  1. New map: There seem to be all kind of developments in the world that is Victory 104, but most are lost to me. Nevertheless, Red pushed further into Libya and xBratislava was lost. Alas.
  2. New Map: Germany takes xZagreb, and Czechoslovakia takes xNasaud, breaking the apparent stalemate on the Balkan front. Spain takes xMarseilles, pulling one back for the Iberian team.
  3. That would certainly be a lot of battle reports, but I think it can be done. Battle reports are stored somewhere already to add them to the battle reports of the future enemy and TA turns, so the only thing needed would be for the computer to consider all other positions as a TA -for this only-. Ypur suggestion is the superior option, but it practically would require generating mail reports automatically, and I fear that this is beyond the capability of the current program. It is, after all, stil a play by mail program. If it could work, it would be a nice setup for a Victory II. If we e
  4. Maybe it would be an idea to send all battle reports to all players. It should technically be possible to do it and it would make the game far more interesting.
  5. New map with some news this time! This time there is some news to share. - Prague fell to the South-Western Horde foreign horde and the story of the ever shrinking empire continues - Selima was taken by the South-Eastern Horde - Canada joined the Western horde, making life more difficult for the 'Islands' in between.
  6. I do not doubt that Yugoslavia will find this little discussion very entertaining. As will Rumania, Greece, Central and Northern Russia, Baltic states and Norway
  7. While the camels from Tunisia respect the tenacity and morale of the sheep from Syria, what are you doing holed up in a city that must be very crowded, without farmland to graze on, at the start of autumn? Soon, you will be running out of Humans to eat ...,.
  8. The Africans advance to the north, but the greatest expansion is in Saudi Arabia. More news in turn 27, but that is two weeks from now.
  9. No changes in turn 48, except for Morocco declaring war on Finland and Sweden. Finland I can understand, but Sweden ?!?!?? That was one of the first positions lost this game
  10. - The African alliance is succesfull, but remember that most of the map is empty desert or empty mountains so it only seems big. - Surpising move by the Swiss, they declared war on Germany. - Saudi Arabia and Iraq seem finished. Austria is hanging on by its toenails.
  11. Same trend as before: three powerful blocks mostly leaving eachother alone and bullying the smaller TA's For how long?
  12. - Trouble in Finland for the Central coalition, - Nevertheless, Germany declares war on the African alliance. - Resistance in the Middle East continues
  13. New map (from turn 23) - Progress against the Middle East. Despite this, they are still fighting. - France sweeps south to the Mediterranean - Bulgaria is conquered. SO the Balkan countries will probably go somewhere else.
  14. ... but Andrea Bocelli is not the fat lady, so now the Italian army turns south to retake Rome? https://youtu.be/TdWEhMOrRpQ
  15. Egypt jumping the Red Sea Africa on vacation in Italy Italy and Austria not doing so well Germany expanding, this time to the north
  16. No shocking news. Amsterdam changing hands - again - and peace breaking out.
  17. Any subject you are particularly interested in?
  18. Lots of small advances, - Tunisia invades xMessina, for the olive oil to go with the Pizza. - Rumania takes back some of its LGT resources and it seems his TA can finally wrap up their part of the Balkan. - Problems in the Nort for the Finns and Swedes. Germany is on a roll but the rest of its team is busy surviving.
  19. Now, oh prophet, we get to the real interesting bit. what happens next?
  20. That is quite a different tune from you. Painting us as a menace, while a month ago you were edging us on to do something.
  21. And another map (from a turn ago) - Africa explores Italy, wanting to discover more of this beautiful, fertile country. - Lots of changes in Scandinavia and still not clear who is winning over there. - No developments in the Danish American war. They must have been fighting over Greenland
  22. Some small changes Canada stumbled over another American city, Finland discovered that it forgot to DW Austria and Italy nibbeled at the Austrian frontier.
  23. The results from turn 19 Africa attacked Spain and Italy, with surprising results. Rumania forced back Poland and now has part of his LGT back And Southern Russia took xKirkuk. [Propaganda] After some consideration Algeria and Tunisia mounted a pre-emptive invasion, to prevent a sudden attack from the north or west. And to stop Germany nagging about when we finally are gong to do something. So his efforts can be directed to the islands and the New World. [/Propaganda] Next turn: - Someone from the other side of the ocean does something - The Sheep is still alive
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