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  1. I would like to pick up this position if possible.
  2. Anyone know anything about this empire in Draco run by Raymond Cheely? Any info appreciated. ​Thanks! The Dharma Initiative
  3. Can I head to bed, or would it be worth waiting up for turns tonight? Yes! Turns are in.
  4. I like Draco. A lot. I liked Andromeda. A lot. Still do. I like getting a turn every week, instead of the two week wait, so I've stayed in both. I wish the player community could agree to allow some of the Draco changes (that wouldn't unbalance the game unfairly) in Andromeda. Obviously, some things just can't be changed at this point, but some could. Elder Lyons Brotherhood of Steel
  5. The beauty of Draco is that no one knows. Yet. Good luck, everyone, and its great seeing some old "faces" on the board already.
  6. Those Friday afternoon deliveries sure are nice...
  7. My favorite headline... "The Ego Has Landed"... Want some just desserts with your comeuppance, Mr President? I'm very happy for Rio, especially after learning South America has never hosted the games. Hrm... "Fail to the Chief" may be the new fanfare.
  8. Except they aren't bullies are far as I can tell. Bully = pick on someone they can whip, then when they start getting an ass whoppin', they start whining. And no, you'll never have my support. See ya in space, my "friend". Namaste, Dr. Marvin Candle
  9. Flagritz, meet kettle, kettle, meet Flagritz.
  10. Sorry, all requests for air must first be applied for using obamacare form X-384. Please allow three weeks for processing. Emergency requests for air can be approved using obamacare form ZL-377, as long as the form is approved by three attending physicans. Be sure to cross out the word "penectomy" on the form and write in "Oxygination" to avoid any confusion. Three weeks, what an OPTIMIST! LMAO, now that's funny! They can't even move a file across their desk, from the inbox to the outbox in three weeks, and if they did, they'd be breaking Union Rules. Hey, they aren't
  11. If you neglect Long Range Sensors, you will miss out on awesome tech. Namaste, Dr. Marvin Candle
  12. "I can see no reason why captured pop can not come live on the original HW or vis versa. Look at every space movie out there, Star trek, humans living with andorians, vulcans, Ect. And I can see no reason why the Human army should not protect a Federation outpost maned by friendly delicate soap bubble race. " I agree. Just build the troops either on the planet, or move them out legally and garrison the planet. DON'T put a TC-only pop group on your ally's planet, and have him TR over his brain in a jar troops and have them instantly morph into Gorn. That is my ONLY heartburn.
  13. "Tech keeps the same, regardless of which race they employ. Divisions do not. That is the main difference and most important difference. No problem with an ally assisting, as long as the divisions he uses are his and not build by someone else and just pushed into the popgroup. " Cestvel captures it perfectly.
  14. It's a pure exploit in my opinion. It takes a lot more to build troops than just the materials. A lot more investment than a pop group with a TC. Anyone doing it. Anyone. Is essentially cheating in my book, and I have zero respect for them or their gamesmanship. Not that anyone doing it cares about that. Edit: Just make divisions non-tradeable. Period. You can build them, and you can assign them to an army. That's it. And if a pop group is captured, all divisions inside are automatically wiped if not killed in battle. End of exploit.
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