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  1. Aaaahhhh, visiting the pubs in London for a nice relaxation after a long war. Done with fighting. The bank of Lowlands (treasury 357669) will now open for any countries that need money for repairs.
  2. Falco

    Game 95

    Woohoo... Winners!
  3. Meanwhile, close by, hordes of soldiers have found a way up the beaches...
  4. well, that's done. Finishing with a drop in Morocco, something for the RWE.
  5. Quite a change to add for running games, even worse for games past the halfway point.
  6. Your rather ignoring the numerical advantage you had, plus the defenses, plus that you were attacking south in a seemingly coordinated fashion with NR. And, lets not forget that your counterattack did seem to be more of a reaction to remove single units which I think you expected. Plus, after counting, I'm still not getting to 16, no matter how I count.
  7. While at a very important appointment: Armies in the field were stuck without the correct commands, resulting in:
  8. Saw them, they were still irritating, but I would advice you to retreat that which is left..... <evil laugh>
  9. I've actually had the 50 HF for a while, accumulating XP. Upgrade and move, they were up already, but you missed them the first chance you had. 10 turns to go, time to bash more Moroccan troops. Mark, be so kind to line up the troops so they can be killed. Thanks! Oh, and any bases left unguarded will be happily destroyed. :-)
  10. aaaahhhhh, there we go. Surprise! You gotta love the smell of burning jet fuel early in the morning.
  11. Ahhh, the smell of Burned SS Panzers in the morning.
  12. Ok, very irritating. Biggest problem of GB vs DE tech, getting through the Spitfires. I'm sure you'll be back, sooner rather then later. But watch out, don't come too close, who knows, there might be a surprise waiting....
  13. Finally, those irritating Moroccan planes are leaving their bases is Southern Egypt.
  14. Ooh nice, send more planes, want to shoot more down.
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