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  1. Thank you for stating that my acknowledgment of abusing the cede location made me ok in your book. That was nice of you. But dang, here I've gone and broken another "unwritten rule". The numerous tactical recons. I had not heard or imagined that this might be an issue; if I'd been on the forums more often perhaps my education would have been further along. Apparently though, I'm not going to be ok in your book, after all, unless I play very much like you. The chicanery you accuse me and my side of is, in my opinion, our tactical forethought. Simple spying and recon, or so I thought. Ho
  2. Alrighty guys, I figured I may as well chime in on this topic as my country is a major factor in the controversy. It's been years since I last posted on the Forum and have never really been an active follower or contributor to this part of Victory. That said, part of the reason for not engaging has been a lack of time but also an uncomfortableness with the tone of some conversations. I am playing Egypt in Game 105, my name is Danny Rossmango. I have been playing since Game 22, I believe, with a long hiatus until a few years ago. This game has literally been part of my life for alm
  3. Central Russia checking in. Wish you all good luck and fun gaming.
  4. Hi guys, Central Russia checking in here (finally). Need to congratulate some enemies on their play and comment on some extra-curricular stuff I've read on the board. Apologize for not following along with the chatter, has never been an intriguing part of the game for me. First off, Brian; (Great Britain, Switzerland or Austria) has taken some grief for his actions. Brian is a good friend and if he was playing two sides of the fence that is fine with me, problematic perhaps but understandable. He certainly hasn't cheated or given out devastatingly damaging information and he has virtua
  5. Absolutely, please note that wasn't a complaint, just that it's not luck, it's good planning. After all, I'm not the only one trying to liberate the Lowlands from the evil oppressor that controls it now. I would never think of it as a complaint from you England had to even the odds since I couldn't. And I'm sure happy he did, but I'm gonna need some more "odds evening" if I want to play with you boys much longer. Lowlands isn't a pleasant place to be right now and with the seas brewing with trouble help from abroad seems less likely. Ah well...
  6. Oh yes, it's jolly good fun up here! In fact, my soldiers are out on a field trip to Scheveningen, going to relax and dig a few holes at the beaches. Unfortunately, they did not get the right visa, and now a 15-unit Lowlands army is blocking their way. Can you believe that? -- Germany Lowlands here, not quite a 15 division force or even a solid 12 but perhaps with a bit of luck it may grow into something like that.
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