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  1. Best make friends with Africa then. They don't look too busy!
  2. Really Switz, the decimated Czech forces are that scary you forced peace?????
  3. Or should the TA agreements show up in the RWE report, like DW and peace agreements?
  4. Yes Predator, you are correct. Had that one nation not been a member of a third alliance group, this conversation would probably have never happened. Assumed guilty by association. Many of the other players found their nations on the list for the same reason. I have no reason to question your ethics or game play.
  5. I think the biggest issue with the CL in this case is the size of the TA group in question. One declares against the principles of the TA group, and then there is another member who is part of a 2nd group, then a 3rd group. If we trace the line of TAs, it encompasses 16 nations. It could be more, as some of those nations have not filled out their TA limits.
  6. Hmmmm...... (CANADA) Egypt has broken its political agreement with your nation Libya has attempted to break its political agreement with your nation
  7. Things are mighty quiet. No results arriving?
  8. And what tweak would you suggest? More interceptors? No need of airbase for fighters? Allow fighters to immediately assume FC or INT duty upon being transferred to or built at new locations? Shorter ranges? Make AAA divisions independent of ground units so as not to count toward the 18 division limits? And give them SMR of 1? Less TAS or SB capability of air units? Ground units cannot be entirely eliminated by air strikes? 10%, 15% of the division immune to air damage. Maybe based on an extra defensive standing order, dig in against air damage? Other o
  9. Gerry Paulson, from the boonies of Alberta Canada. Farm near a small village, population under 200.
  10. Looks like another group just jumped in. Should be a starting package arriving in your inbox soon, with only Norway unclaimed.
  11. And with my sign up we are down to 6. Come on people, lets get this one going
  12. Everybody is playing it close to the vest, as usual. Maybe the RNAs will reveal something.
  13. Who knew Poland would become such an attractive tourist destination. All three Russian nations and Baltic States.
  14. I must be doing it the hard way. List everything I want to do on paper (usually on the back of junk mail), then start scratching out the orders I cannot do, due to being over the order limit, then use the order entry program to type them up and submit. Saving often once I get over about 70 orders as the program has a tendency to crash, especially with my many typos that I must correct. I find this system works great.
  15. This in its self would not be as big an issue if it did not take months for a new game start. Kind of a catch 22 situation. More players may step up if they didn't risk getting knocked out right away, but if more players were willing, the games would start more frequently. And good odds of a different player group. I do agree, it is very demoralizing to be crushed by a multi nation alliance, especially early in the game. Russ was offering a free set-up to anybody who played after losing their capital for a number of turns. Five I think? Maybe this offer could be extended to anybody k
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