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  1. So in general, is it better to use your SRPs to research up to one/two/several 4th level techs, or spread them out evenly? Depends on your style of play. Turtle - go for economics Explorer - go for jump survey sensors War Monger - Weapons/Shields/Engines
  2. Ah.. so it takes 42+27+12=81 saved SRP to get to species engineering level 4. Then you can put a couple RCs on it and research it regularly, and by the time you meet your neighbors (after 25 or so turns) you will have been able to get species engineering to level 6 and 'corrected' the negatives you took when designing your lifeform. Is that correct? If so, 81 points isn't that many if you originally save 1000 from your lifeform design. Seems like brain blob is the way to go? It is more complex. As Calamaran notes, there are prereqs. In addition, only techs up to "4th generation" c
  3. Looks like research worked for some setups and not for others. Could it be spy's
  4. I never heard of a character generated anywhere else than on your own HW. If it is lot, I presume no new characters. Be happy if your characters survived, then they will progress as before, as they are save now Your Special Characters will still be recruited on your original HW eventhough it has been captured, they are a very loyal group. But you have to go back to pick them up
  5. WOW! Got my turns before I left work. AAAaaaaaah, the good old days Kudos Pete and Russ Thanks!
  6. The slowing of our turn results means our beloved galaxy is growing. Yes it is frustrating having to wait longer, and I am guilty of throwing my own fit on the boards about it. SN allows for many different options to play your empire. Unfortunetly the screens are appealling. I have to agree with Pete about leaving the screens alone. I would hate to stiffle another gamers experience just because I am excited to get my turns faster. I will totally support cutting doun the convoy route results. Maybe the battles with the massive screen fleets the reporting can just list the total amount of th
  7. So as not to waste those precious industrial points have at least one build order with TOOLED set to YES. Bi 999999999 Iron <popcenter#> 9000 Yes This will use up any industrial point left over. Or allow you not to have to issue a build order if you do not have something to build yet and use another order for exploring. You will find tooled orders very useful down the road.
  8. I intend to send in my orders at 11:59 PM on Wednesday night, as I need every last second this week to do my planning and order entry. I think that applies to a lot of folks who actually were very busy last weekend due to holidays and other activities. Which means with luck you might see results sometime on Saturday, more likely Sunday. And lets not forget there are smail players. So they don't have the luxury of sending in things electronically. Since the US Postal system is SO reliable, RTG has to wait an extra day or two, just to allow those in the mail turns to arrive. I'm guessin
  9. Stop, you are going to make me bust a croc I do not believe there to be a stupid question. But you're going to have to be able to take the heat from some questions And, REALLY!!!! Welcome Mats. Thats funny
  10. With a post like this someone is going to shine you on. And, come on! Welcome mats. Thats funny Your answer is ADVANCED
  11. Virmilyn

    Im On My Way

    Be careful what you soak up at a Star Bar, there brew has a way of sneaking up on you. And there delivery service may sound like a great thing, but let me tell you, OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooh!
  12. I would. One of the issues is communication. A simple post, "Expect turns Sunday", at an early juncture in the processing, thursday or friday morning. If an explination about having hockey commitments, great, "good luck I hope you have fun and win, will be looking forward to sunday." Communication!
  13. So lets un confuse you. This is not a group of people that get together in a dark room and play together. This is a group of people that get together and pay for a service. I like playing with everyone in SN, I enjoy the game we all play (the service), we all pay for the service. It is obvious from your comments, and others, you are happy with the entire package. Speaking for myself, I accept the game as is and enjoy playing, but I expect a level of service. I believe this is not a primary buisness, so my expectation is not of strict compliance. But courtesy should be forfront in any servi
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