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  1. Is there any useful point to "Colonial Settlers"?
  2. Makes that easy. So the order supp and rulebook don't show how to CSV a moon without a pop group. Just says if no pop group available it does the planet its orbiting. Does this mean to do a CSV on a moon you have to drop a colony beacon?
  3. What's the algorithm for tractor strength to tonnage in pulling a starbase?
  4. What is the order to delete a fleet that has no ships? I can't find it.
  5. yeah the ANZ says 400 thrust output. Looks like some things have changed, as once a ship design of mine was done the order shows less resources needed than i expected.
  6. So I did an ANZ on Mk I Nuclear Engines and all it says is its thrust output is 400. What is the ratio of thrust output to tonnage per AP?
  7. Does a pdc need cargo then since its already on a planet?
  8. 1) what is the advantage of having multiple pop groups of your own on a world? 2) does anyone know how to parse the data in the PDF so that I can upload it into a database? Intent is to make an up to date, mobile view of my current armies, installations, fleets, locations etc. I was thinking of designing an android app that could show this info to me.
  9. I am running Linux, or can use open or free bsd, so have not tried Wine as of yet.. not experanced with that yet.. I picked up an old win7 laptop. for free just need to replace the LED SCREEN. in due time. may bve by XMAS can get a cheap windblows box up and running. I'd suggest downloading VirtualBox (it's free) and running a Windows 7 VM on it. This is the easiest way.
  10. Building troops on a conquered world, AI or Player. Do the troops have the bonuses based off that race or do they magically inherit their hosts traits? It would be interesting for a physically weak race to conquer or ally a superior one and use it as a recruiting bed for a more powerful army.
  11. Does having multiple survey landers on a ship have any use? Or multiple Science Labs on a ship?
  12. Can you pull a world close or further from a sun? I'm guessing not but doesn't hurt to check. Also ring worlds possible? Dyson Spheres?
  13. How do you specify the design as a starbase or planetary fortress? Do you attach a planetary fortress to an Army or a fleet?
  14. Is there any benefit to creating a starbase and not just designing it with a single engine and jump drive? Do they get def bonuses?
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