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  1. Thanks Pete! And actually that is what I do any turn that I have empty fleets hanging around. Saves on having to create a new fleet and on NENC orders. Ya not so evil after all.
  2. "As part of some general database maintenance, every empire will have a DECF, ALL order executed at the conclusion of the next turn cycle to clean out empty fleets. This won't cost you anything and will happen at the very end of the turn (at the same time Santa points are added in). --Pete" NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Crap.... You are evil Pete! Evil I say!!!! Teach me to roleplay within the confines of the game to amuse myself.....
  3. Used ICE? Isn't that water? Did I use ICE in Andromeda? I didn't know about it when I was in Andromeda and Draco ain't got no ICE.
  4. To my fellow Draconauts, who built much of their spreadsheets back in Andromeda, remember....Advanced Steel is 4, FOUR, iron and not 3 iron to build. Saves the need to bang your head into your desktop yelling, "Why? Why?".
  5. He said, let there be turns....and turns were had!
  6. I'm posting this in the hope as soon as I post about no turns, the turns will show up.......
  7. Man....I should have posted that hours ago!!!!
  8. WAR! HUH! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? seems it is good for keeping us all twiddling our thumbs all day Fridays!! sigh....
  9. Hmmm.....might have to go back through my old Flagship mags and see if anything rings a bell.....
  10. STARWEB, FLYING BUFFALO, 1980 (i think, not a lot of little grey cells left) was the start of a long journey. Good read. Sad to see that Rick Loomis passed away. Didn't know that. Wish I could remember the year it was I started playing the first version of Supernova (not ROTE but the first version). No warp points made it a bit dicey.
  11. OK, Friday morning and no turn back yet means someone pulled out the big stick and is whacking someone over the head.
  12. Dardar....really? Do we have Earear, Farfar, Gargar, Harhar, Iariar, Karkar to look forward to? Actually that would be funny as hell!!
  13. Did I break the game again? or better yet.... "Did I do that?"
  14. just to be in sync..... TURNS ARE IN! Ok, I'm a day late but the forum programming was being mean to me......
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