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  1. just to be in sync..... TURNS ARE IN! Ok, I'm a day late but the forum programming was being mean to me......
  2. hmmm.....November 6....tap...tap,tap...tap, tap, tap...tap, tap, tap, tap...yawn...tap...
  3. Average distance? I have yet to find "A" distance to another player. Now Death Machines I'm finding around every corner.....
  4. Thanks everyone for the answers but er.... SDDZ - ?? BC - Battle Cruiser WC - ? My guess would be War Cruiser.... BM - ?? DN - is dreadnought of course but... BDN - ? maybe Battle Dreadnought?? NDN -?
  5. Question: Warships of 500,000 tons are heavy cruiser. What are ships of 600,000 tons? Does anyone have a list of the different classes and their tonnage? Or is this top secret "I'd have to kill ya..." stuff?
  6. <warning demolition of previous written brainfart!! hardhat, total face mask with air suppy, and protection wear is recommended.> Old age and memory...sucks to be me.....
  7. thanks! that makes things nice and easy.
  8. Ok, I'm confused. (...like that is news...) Death Machines and the Naval Encounter Plan. What do I set the NENC so as to be sure that if I encounter an Death Machine fleet I attack? Romeo Say "Attack any declared enemy". Do I need to declare war on each and every DM sector? Or must you set Yankee and blast innocents who warp in so as to be sure to blast DM's.? OR is battle automatic with DM's? Are they set to Zulu?
  9. Why is there no order to eliminate a convoy route? You can eliminate one convoy route order at a time yes, but you can't eliminate the Convoy route in one order. Since editing a convoy route seems to be a major pain in the posterior, seems to me to be easier to just make a new one. But then you got this Convoy Route that is no longer needed or useful just taking up space on the turnsheet. Which returns me to the question, why is there no order to eliminate a convoy route?
  10. Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire has a lot of gall calling that collection of rust buckets a navy and you couldn't boast the ability to light a match much less actually damage or actually HIT the broadside of an enemy frigate from the inside!! Just surrender now and save time!!!
  11. I am not interested in being the Roll of Bounty Paper Towels to my neighbors and I hope they take in account my friendly, non aggressive approach to co-existence. I'd bend down and kiss their feet/hoofs/roots/claws but my knees are blown out and my back hurts...... Let us smoke the pipe of peace....g r o v v v y m a n.... p e a c eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. OK....everything I said about ascending order vs descending order of the priority number of the SHIP order....well forget it. Seems it is the order of the orders....that's confusing...that you input that determines what is built first. Last SHIP order in your turn is the first ship built, first SHIP order in your turn is last ship built. What you put in for the priority number doesn't seem to matter. BUT.... This is with NO shipbuilding carried over from the previous turns. The slipways are empty. AND all ships sent to Shipyards to be built by SHIP order are completed by end of ship
  13. Ok, I didn't stroke out but I did find 4 dead ends off of the same 9 WP system with three of them being a Warp Nexus. Of course, there could be closed warp points in some of those "dead ends"...as the Mighty Jingles would say, nothing like a little surprise...hmmm...that might be a tad risque for here... Still got three directions to survey and explore. There be a lot of strange Out There.
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