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  1. Yes I have but it usually failed on the first attack of a series of attacks.
  2. More developments Baltic States has declared war on Northern Russia Spain has declared war on France Spain has declared war on Tunisia Portugal has declared war on France Morocco has declared war on Egypt Morocco has declared war on Trans-Jordan Saudi Arabia has declared war on Trans-Jordan Sweden has declared war on Denmark Norway has declared war on Northern Russia Finland has declared war on Northern Russia Syria has declared war on Egypt Syria has conquered xTelaviv from Trans-Jordan
  3. Think Predator hit that big alien skull while being bounced around in a tank going cross country and is suffering memory failure. CR in game 102 had most of its forces fighting in the Balkans against Romania and Bulgaria (Positions that played long after Baltic bit the dust) as well as had a army in Poland when Predator dropped. Persia Turkey and SR had dropped fortunately for me but still had 80 divisions along my Southern border. I certainly wasn't going to leave those divisions available to attack if someone picked up the positions however this was done with small forces that isolated the a
  4. Great Britain is seeking a intel sharing arrangement to inflict maximum losses on Portugal who landed at Plymouth, Iceland who landed at carradale and Ireland who landed at carlisle. Portugal has a rather large fleet in eng3 also if any hostile nations need some ship kills.The British government will fight on. Have fun rick
  5. I see its gone now. I was always surprised at how long it took to replace the capabilities of Grayback. Have fun, RIck
  6. The crewman on the deck can't see the Hoods waterline but they can certainly see the ship provided visibility cooperates. Remember the ship extends far above the main deck. Think the bottom of the Hoods superstructure is over 50 feet above the waterline. These engagements used optical fire control and adjusted fire based on the observation of both the ship and the miss so visibility was adequate or else there would be no engagement. To continue with a sub example check out the number of 6 inch hits the Darter took and yet the hull is still there. A 16inch shell leaves a much bigger impact
  7. Freman, I was on Diesel Electric Submarines. Yes I do have you confused with another player. You asked a question on the game and were given an answer but insist the answer is wrong. Hopefully you will research the answers I gave you. The height of eye measurement should be easy to check but you error is in applying it to only one vessel when two were involved. The effectiveness of naval gunnery in bombardments has numerous historical references. During WWII they didn't have city locations well mapped and certainly not the infrastructure within a city. Nautical charts show little
  8. Well you obviously know better. The avatar on my signature isn't a public internet picture but from my own service. That's the New Jersey in the photo (height of eye applies to both the target and the observer so yes they could see the Hood on the Deck of the Bismark). Physics was also my undergrad major. Targeting a city in general isn't the same as aiming for a specific target like a shipyard or air base. There are a lot more variables than range direction and gun elevation. If it was that simple a few rounds could destroy most targets but in reality 100's of rounds were expended on a land
  9. The Hood would be visible to personnel on the Deck of the Bismark just not the waterline. So for two BB's exchanging fire at 13 miles they can still spot the rounds. They could shell the city at a distance as you said but the fire would be ineffective and cause little damage. Imagine throwing darts at a dartboard with a blindfold. You will get some lucky shots but you would seldom hit the target your wanted. Now if they had a spotting aircraft they could fire from their max range and still spot effectively but spotting shells in a city is a lot harder than a ship at sea due to all the clutter
  10. As you said the rules state that the battle begins at 24000. If you have closing orders then the range will drop each round as you close the city. If not they stay at 24000 yards. Your effectiveness at the long range is not as great at short range. 24000 yards is a good starting point. Thats 12NM or nearly 14 statue miles. At that range the fire directors would not be too effective. Too see the beach you would have to be 130 feet or so above the water due to the earth's curvature. Have fun, Rick
  11. Not trying to change game 101 at this point but would be interested in peoples opinion to a new special game. All turns would be processed at random on the last day of the tech period (unless a player skipped that turn completely). Once Russ runs the batch any turns submitted late would be held to the next turn but you did have 2 weeks to get a turn in. This would eliminate a lot of the TA or Team advantages where they stagger their attacks to focus on a specific target such as eliminating a army or air base in a single turn. No one would have complete intel prior to a turn and It al
  12. I have played with a different group of players in every game so I would not be part of a fixed group but I have played with individuals more than once. Prior to my break from Victory I usually played solo. I think the speed of email has made the group coordination much more of a concern than it was back when communication was much slower.Since returning I have joined as both a group or individual but usually joined a group relatively quickly. Game 98 I stayed solo until around turn 14 but joined a group once I saw I had two countries definitely attacking. I would like to see the TA's redu
  13. Richard, What you are asking for can't be provided any better than the rules copied below. Every battle result is going to depend on factors that are not the same (Level of defending CHAB/CLAB), target and attacking force). From the below list you can eliminate the population option as that is no longer a target. I have never done sub pens either. For the remainder it depends on your goal for the bombardment. If you know there is an airbase present you can destroy planes on the ground, if you want to destroy industry then you target it and so on. You will have to get to the port
  14. We could fix the two bugs mentioned RPD and FC by simply updating the rules providing the FC of a TA's base occurs consistently (I have never seen this occur) . I think the rules could also use a update on the retreat and merging of forces. In regards to bugs I have seen 2 that are not consistent. The first is when a naval battle occurs and a ship goes above a 100%. If it occurs in a battle with another player the other player can actually end up with negative ship kills since one of the survivors is above 100%. I had heard about it and experienced it in a mine engagement. One of my survi
  15. Before I built subs I was building fast surface groups. I figured there was a flow of resources moving from North America to Morocco so I thought I could interdict them. The ships would have been easy kills in the Med but out in the Atlantic I thought they might be able to chase down some Queen Mary's without an escort. I had a couple of good sub attacks but mostly your escorts did the job and chased them away. Have fun, RIck
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