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  1. Great Britain is seeking a intel sharing arrangement to inflict maximum losses on Portugal who landed at Plymouth, Iceland who landed at carradale and Ireland who landed at carlisle. Portugal has a rather large fleet in eng3 also if any hostile nations need some ship kills.The British government will fight on. Have fun rick
  2. Not trying to change game 101 at this point but would be interested in peoples opinion to a new special game. All turns would be processed at random on the last day of the tech period (unless a player skipped that turn completely). Once Russ runs the batch any turns submitted late would be held to the next turn but you did have 2 weeks to get a turn in. This would eliminate a lot of the TA or Team advantages where they stagger their attacks to focus on a specific target such as eliminating a army or air base in a single turn. No one would have complete intel prior to a turn and It al
  3. I have played with a different group of players in every game so I would not be part of a fixed group but I have played with individuals more than once. Prior to my break from Victory I usually played solo. I think the speed of email has made the group coordination much more of a concern than it was back when communication was much slower.Since returning I have joined as both a group or individual but usually joined a group relatively quickly. Game 98 I stayed solo until around turn 14 but joined a group once I saw I had two countries definitely attacking. I would like to see the TA's redu
  4. We could fix the two bugs mentioned RPD and FC by simply updating the rules providing the FC of a TA's base occurs consistently (I have never seen this occur) . I think the rules could also use a update on the retreat and merging of forces. In regards to bugs I have seen 2 that are not consistent. The first is when a naval battle occurs and a ship goes above a 100%. If it occurs in a battle with another player the other player can actually end up with negative ship kills since one of the survivors is above 100%. I had heard about it and experienced it in a mine engagement. One of my survi
  5. I might have come out on top if I hadn't sent in a turn with out intel in the early going. Could have caught your infantry in the open but things worked out differently. Guess I will have to wait for Rumania to drop. Sorry to see game 97 end as well. You still hold xBenghazi but everything else was recaptured however you did keep Tunisia free to the end but at the cost of Turkey. I figured the troops that landed at Suez would re-embark so I went on a straffing run against the amphibs which will give you a few more air points. What did you end up with on air kills 200K. I had a 100K which is p
  6. Mark, Enjoying the fight as well even though its more of a EM and partisan mission now. Having a 1 on 1 contest in Victory rarely occurs anymore as TA's are the rule now vice in older games when a lot more players went independent. Think you need to give the Italians more recognition however as Italian bomber formations attacked on 9 Aug, 23 Aug and 20 Sep providing substantial support which is a bit more than 1 air raid. Perhaps your confusing your Italian support with Turkey who only provided 2 small air attacks attacks. I would have done the same if my TA's were not fully engag
  7. The automatic emails would be fantastic with a continuous feed of information. There could even be a update for World Events every time a batch of turns are processed. Have fun, RIck
  8. How does double fighter cover occur, I've never seen it. I have heard of getting negative damage from a Martime strike before. In regards to intel I would either like to see it either eliminated or provided to everyone. Perhaps some sort of on line file you could view prior to running your turn. I think the intel advantage is too great for groups versus independents and I think the game would benefit from more independent play as opposed to the player blocks. We tried no TA's in 96 and it achieved some goals but having allies run EM bat missions or DW to get around overflight rules made it
  9. I like the new sign up system and signed up for Greece. Have fun, RIck
  10. From the Bulgaria perspective he is probably right. He got the double move and those can be real killers. XSofia would have been questionable even if I had gotten an intervening turn but Maritsa would have definitely been ok. I hope to still inflict some casualties before s its over. Have fun Rick
  11. See you at the border but I suspect you will get to Eastern Libya before I do. You don't need to new PC just put a solid state drive in it and it will feel new. Have fun, RIck
  12. Speaking of loading munitions its possible that Libya might have done the same with their air force. Don't know if it is a lack of munitions but they certainly struggle to keep pilots alive. In other news Gen Quadaffi along with the remains of the Libyan 8th army were buried in the sand near Tripoli. We also see that TransJordan has decided that Egypt is no challenge and has set his eye on targets farther West.
  13. Italy has gone bankrupt and is looking for new management. Free to new owner Seaside territory around the Med, good climate, great food. Just contact Russ for a great position with extremely friendly neighbors. Have fun, RIck
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