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  1. Well at least I am finally recognized as “The Supreme Player.” Not to be confused with second best or even third. Now all must bend the knee😂 Seriously though in my opinion no defense in your entire country is poor game play. Doesn't make you a bad player just a risk you took that proved costly. It’s just a game no need to take shit so serious and get offended.
  2. So when I landed in Europe my understanding is a replacement player had just been assigned Portugal and Spain was the original player. Shortly after landing in italy the spanish player dropped. Truly nobody sold out Italy. I landed in southern italy with over 20 divisions. Tunisian landed the turn after with another force. Italy didnt have a single division in his country. with that scenario what could anyone have done to help Italy. Furthermore on the following turns Italy made no attempt to defend himself in any way instead of accusing other countries of duplicity how about h
  3. Making a push to change the game!
  4. Ya I am not privy to the inner workings of the Italians TA alliance. I just know I’ ve had my eyes on Turin for awhile so when I say you blocked me that is what I meant Not sure I ever mentioned fighting any alliance in Europe specifically. I have been non committal to all parties that have approached me from Europe in this game.
  5. I’m down for that outcome. DW France as he came into Italy and blocked me.
  6. I guess we assumed allowing you Trieste into yugo that you would expand that direction and allow us to access Spain and Portugal and France through Italy. It’s not like you are fighting Italian troops as it is a dropped position. Your moves are calculated only to cut us off from moving north. It’s all good it is your right to expand however you want I’m not condemning anything. My alliance was just under the assumption you wanted to fight the Schmitter alliance especially as you were trying to rally other countries to do so as well. Your not blocking me so…
  7. I just don’t understand the German thought process. We agree to surrender Trieste to allow access to the Yugo front and avoid war with his group. Germany then pushes down into the boot in Italy to block us. What was the point in contacting us and asking for trieste if your intention all along was to force a war with us!?
  8. It was changed for game 82 which ended prematurely because of it
  9. Tanks? We haven't seen any Tanks..or inf...or well any Italian males whatsoever!
  10. Now we are barbarians...😂 The Italian women seem to like us just fine..
  11. The British armies have been pushed off the continent for a second time. There will not be a third foothold...
  12. Looks like it is time to make friends with someone in Europe. Or maybe just sit back in Italy and enjoy the good wine and watch everyone else fight. Who is the dominate alliance in Europe right now?
  13. Ya thanks for letting the world know before they run their turns😉
  14. Why is Germany constantly throwing shade on Africa? We are embroiled in the Middle East as well as with Greece’s group now! Perhaps the Germans are feeling nervous as Spain, Italy, and Portugal approach your borders!
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