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  1. Paris finally falls! The British remain stubborn wasting valuable assets on a lost cause instead of joining the real fight! Soon they will regret that decision 😉
  2. And yet it was only ceded to one country and stopped there to stop an army moving one turn. It was ceded around and therefore not “abused” and not by algeria though I stand accused of abuse
  3. Not sure what your talking about with the comment about airbases in turkey for 102... i was Baltic and i was getting hit by five countries and sixteen bomber groups a turn. My ally in CR thought it was more important to fight the computer than help. I dropped because there was nothing i could do to stand up to that it was only a matter of a couple turns before i had nothing anyway how is that being a sore loser!? All you’ve done on this forum is accuse people and criticize their game play. I really don't get it , if you hate everything everyone does to the point your bringi
  4. I’ve played victory since 1995 and have had conversations with most people I have played with or against and You are the only person I've ever heard complain about gathering intel with recon planes every player does it. If you don’t have a recon plane that can do it people do it with a single fighter or bomber group what about the people that gather intel throughout the game with dead countries? You can go on and on and nit pick this or that... you guys weren’t complaining when it was saudi-uae-Iraq-jordan-syria against what you thought would be just egypt and turkey
  5. How did i besmirch anyone? I simply explained our alliances position and the fact anything we have done has been within the framework of what you see in any game of victory i havent judged or commented on their comments other than to ask why my country is listed as abusing the cede order when i have not used it
  6. I always try to keep from over lapping TA agreements for a multitude of reasons. I am strict about that when i join a group. This is the first game i can remember that hasn’t happened. my good friend playing Tunisia died and we had to switch players around. As a result we had a first time player playing turkey so to give him a chance in the game we allowed him to cross TA. One of my allies also brought a couple new players to victory and we cross ta’ed temporarily with one of them to help them with battle reports i think it was the right thing to do to help three new players out
  7. Exactly I'm curious how algeria has abused the cede order since i haven't used it As marklen said typically if you DW on a country you DW on his whole TA group to avoid such problems. That it pretty much standard victory play. Russ has even doubled the starting morale of countries
  8. Sounds to me like france and Switzerland are desperate for said invasion to save them from italy, spain, and Portugal Think i’ll just get some popcorn and park in the med and watch the fireworks
  9. Thats funny as I haven't built a single ship as yet Algeria is dedicated to helping her allies in the middle east right now
  10. I think someone needs a hug
  11. My guess is he is a wolf that eats sheep
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