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  1. It seems Germany will have a short but eventful life. Full of visitors from France, Denmark, Switzerland and the Lowlands.
  2. Ireland here,

    They really should take the middle sea hex's from the Atlantic, join them all together, divide it in three, North, middle and South and say this is, 6 movement. maybe that would make it a little fairer.

    But it's not to be. So while you are beavering away, trying to accumulate enough resources to make the ridiculously complicated and time-consuming voyage.

    Have you any words of wisdom/ allies and or plans. Or are you going to do the USA v Canada.

    I'm going to try join with GB or not depending on what he decides.

    If its war GB will win due to pop and resources, but it will take him 30 turns which will probably leave him unable to get a foothold on the continent.

    1. the_dark_monk


      We will see what Canada will do. I am lucky, Peter Schmitter is not near this time 🙂

    2. smedleythebarbarian


      Well England/Iceland have their privacy option on.

      So its war.

      Luckily I have 50k to spend on LDB, AA and coastal defenses.

  3. The United States signing in, ready to be hostile too.
  4. EM AFD {City/Province} for ground forces. But you need an intelligence budget to be successful.
  5. Yes this game will be funny. Maybe Transjordan should ask Spain and Italy for help. Libya is totally allied to Egypt Libya is totally allied to Morocco Libya is totally allied to Tunisia Libya is totally allied to Algeria
  6. Yes, nevertheless you will have to fight for every meter of european territory and in the end the other will win.
  7. I was always lucky to be located at the other end of the battlefield. RIP Ken.
  8. I think I am getting old, in former days I always expected to be killed with a dagger in my back. Therefore I have always some troops at home and guest are always welcome.
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