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  1. Fremen: With Respect, I think this Forums section is open to any topic that anyone wants to bring up. If the topic is not game related, simply just don't respond and the conversation will die off in short order. That said, I am very confident that you are very aware that the "D-Day" invasion was a very significant event during WWII. This game is base on WWII which is a very significant event in world history. So the point in mentioning this is to say that I think REDNAS's topic and statement are very relevent to this discussion forum. REDNAS: I agree, If any NEWS agency
  2. There are two tech 1's to start any game. When you get your setup it will be tech 1 turn 1. you send in (or do) your orders and get the results. It is now tech 1 turn 2. Then you have tech 2 turn 3, tech 3 turn 4 and son untill the end of the game unless you do something to alter it. So if you don't skip your first or second turns before war can start, you will get two turns. Hope that helps 😃
  3. What about socks? Don't waist the wool. Clean it and you got extra socks. You need four pair minimum. Feet, hands, neck, balls, extra socks warms them all.
  4. (Do aliens know if penguins can also be BBQ'd?) The Irish may be drinkers, but they can at least hit the broad side of a Carrier and they have wonderful Penguin recipes that they were happy to share with us. When we asked where they got their Penguin from, they just smiled and waved as they sailed out of port. They left us with a boat load of steak and a book. In it we found this: * 2 pounds ground or whole penguin * 2 sliced onions * 2 sliced green or red bell peppers * 1 cup olive oil * 1 bottle Bud Ice (chilled) * 1 teaspoon salt * 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper * 1/2 tea
  5. I will always stand for the rights of animals, especially tasty ones. I am a life long member of the real PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals Bring on the chef... er, um... animal activists
  6. Thinking about getting in on this game, but not sure Where I should jump in at ?? Pickins are looking might slim and I bet teams are already well established. Open to suggestions and/or offers.
  7. There is a 26 tuen gap between G99 & G100 (about a year). Not sure if thats the longest though. I remember when games were starting every few months.
  8. Seems to me that a wee little green dude tried to whisper some words of warning to the Czars. One should never forsake the friendly hand of the shamrock.
  9. Hmmmmm... This must be a typo then. Some one should let Russ know that the computer is putting lie's into our turn results. I wouldn't want to wrongly think that Austria might have ill intent against Germany. POLITICAL ACTIVITY AND GENERAL INTELLIGENCE (GERMANY) Austria has attempted to break its political agreement with your nation
  10. "Irish Sheep eh?" ... "no one insults sheep." ... "I may be drunk, Miss, but" ... "There is soon to be a shotgun wedding."
  11. I have noticed that RPD's tend to work much better in occupied territory than in home provinces. At least for me that seems to be the case.
  12. Wouldn't want to commit alcohol abuse now would we. And only the finest tanks for my men. Friends don't let friends drive junk
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