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  1. Position has found a new home! thanks for the interest
  2. I am forced to drop a position. It is some 54 turns old (started) a year after Draco began. Balanced species that has been turtling along in silence. No friends, no enemies. I have a full spreadsheet with all known world data, DMX poisons and histories. I can give you a file with all 54 past turns. Contact me if you want to discuss it. First come first serve.
  3. I also approve of enhanced yields on asteroid fields but...... By its very nature an asteroid field cannot support the Population a planet can support. A moon should not have the Pop capacity than a planet etc... I advocate some form of population capacity limit based on a planetary bodies diameter. I feel if Asteroids are to be mined there should be a Pop Capacity of 100 max and a tech tree opened up to develop and build asteroid mining machines. Assuming that isn’t practical for the powers that be, then shouldn’t an asteroid at least require subterranean cities instead of the
  4. Wow! They are here! Arrival before I woke up! I hope Pete can make this a habit!
  5. Sounds about right. My 1 AP Draco fleet launched on a deep space mission about a thousand years ago it seams. It should reach its destination sometime towards the end of this millennia at this rate.
  6. I received a rather bland report: Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire stands firmly against the dreaded DMX, destroying their shipping whenever possible.
  7. My sympathies but they are quite beatable. you will not find this a death sentence but but you definitely have to prepare the right defenses. I am so curious to see if the minelayer turns around and leaves or if it starts investigating each of your worlds. Keep us up to date in your struggle. I would wish you good luck but you won't need it, the DMX are big but clumsy.
  8. My battle was as you suspect at a system that I am searching for a CORE fleet. Only 4 more worlds to search but I was sure he is here in the Torre system. Given your theory the DMX generated the fleet here at a still unknown world in Torre last turn and moved it to WP 62387 triggering the battle this turn. Alien Fleet Sighting : Torre Warp Point # 62387 [in-system move by empire # 9999] [Warp Point # 62387 is known to lead to the Rockford system] There is no way he could have jumped in from Rockford given this message I presume???
  9. I just encountered my largest DMX fleet to date. They appear to be moving about with enhanced forces. I was surprised but prepared (completly by luck and not skill) for this force: B4M class BB................................1 Destroyed EX4M class ML.............................1 Destroyed HK7B class CA..............................3 Destroyed Perhaps the DMX light cruiser is now a thing of the past. Lord Deependra.....can you expound on your rumour on the destruction of a DMX core fleet? Who? How? Losses?
  10. Please refresh my memory. How do you replace an emperor after he dies? Does it just take time or does it require a REVO order?
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