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  1. Hmm. Fake News. Wasn't that the default reply from that guy who always told the truth ? Anyway. Time will tell. For the rest I can only reiterate my previous reply.
  2. The problem with rumors is that the source is difficult to pinpoint. What was it again ? Never pay any attention to rumors unless they are officially denied.......
  3. Rumor has it that the invasion fleets in Oran and Tunis are already boarding and will soon be on their way to those empty Spanish and Italian beaches.........
  4. In case you are interested to cooperate just drop me a message !
  5. Me too. #93 was a tough one. Still remarkable that Syria won that one with no home territory left. If I survive long enough I am sure our paths will cross again. Looking forward to that.
  6. Yes. I tried but I could not stop myself. 5 years since my last game. I am not part of any group so I am happy to join one if there are any takers. Otherwise I just put up a good fight and go down in flames !
  7. Not a bad result given that half of Iceland was still occupied half way the game. Taking Moscow in the last turn even gave me the highest score for Iceland ever ! (ok I gloat a litlle bit ) Everybody thanks for the game. And Jared of course congratulations with the highest score of the game ! Ed.
  8. Not sure how exactly it will end, but as of now, it is something like this: Ireland - Portugal - Tunisia - Iceland are fighting Persia - Turkey - Iraq - UAE. Libya is also still alive and kicking as an independent nation, fighting primarily UAE. I think that is all. The middle east alliance owns the majority or all of: Egypt - Saudi - UAE - TransJordan - Syria - Iraq - Turkey - Persia - SRussia - CRussia - Baltic - Greece - Bulgaria - Rumania (~ 14 countries) The other alliance owns most everything else except Libya (which Libya owns most of), parts of Algeria and Morocco (also
  9. Thanks for the congrats. At first I thought I would make it to Moscow but 14 to 16 (I lost count) x 25 French Ju-88A-4's forced me to adjust my expectations. A ****-up in a retreat location that cost me 2 x 18 divs did the rest. Special thanks also to TJ (Bill) who unfortunately was still TAed to Spain and also to Persia (to long ago to remember) for keeping me in the game when I had to deal with Syria, Turkey, Southern Russia and UAE at the same time. And last but not least to Egypt (Julian) for choosing our side which decided things in our favor. Until we fight again !
  10. Folks, For those who fought until they were truly beaten and for everybody who stuck it out till the end. Thanks for the game !
  11. I am sure you fought brillantly but the world events suggest you're toast ? Hey, ST, now that you've taken Malta...ya think we can have peace now? Malta!!! Another target!!!!! But I'll let it go since we are not at war. 8300 air points killed last turn. Tunisia warlord I'm already there since T47 ! Guess you already have more enemies than is healthy for you. I will also not get involved in your war with my TA's. The mediteranean is a bit of a side show for me and I have more serious business to attend to. Sven, make me an offer and I won't refuse. Why don't you c
  12. I am sure you fought brillantly but the world events suggest you're toast ?
  13. I think you are referring to a Mr. Napolean????? I would like to offer an olive branch to you sir and hope that you will consider it. Hannibal winning a two front war but not wishing to continue both. Of course the Iraqi people are happy to keep the peace with our Tunisian brothers. No need to exchange pieces of vegetation though.
  14. What about us- Central and Northern Russia. We keep the Brothers Strait busy...very busy! Finland was over matched and his Brothers abandoned him before I was dead. It would have very different, maybe not the end result, if I had turned to fight Southern and left the the Brothers to put full focus on your team. I wished they'd showed up for game 83! Still a score to settle there. Not entirely true. Finland was not abandoned by his brothers. We (France, Germany (me) and the Scandinavian brothers) threw the towel at the same time when we realized we were out of a future in this game.
  15. Maybe the island of Elba ?
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