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  1. I am probably the most peaceful player no one should really care abbout ... 🙂 I already started to build up touristic infrastructure on the coast to give all of you a warm welcome in beautiful Yugoslavia. (by the way, it's indeed a wonderful country with very nice beaches and great old cities like Dubrovnik, Zagreb, etc.)
  2. Yugoslavia signing in....
  3. Widnau, German speaking part of Switzerland... Right at the border to Austria, some 500 metes away from it...
  4. It has thinned out in the end i think... But it was a game with very many players still in the game till quite late (arount turn 60 for sure)... No group was really able to get an overwhelming share of the map early ... A really interesting game it was, i want to add... Also hope that Russ is coming up with his backlog in game-winners and game-statistics soon...
  5. Hello Richardjohns, Partisans: In occupied cities, partisans arise if no security is built. These partisans are starting to destroy your rail and also impact your tax-income. When conquering a city, which has POP partisan level immediately jumps on 4. Therefore, after doing a CA, you should also enter a BFDU SEC order to make sure you can start eliminate those partisans. (i don't have my papers around, but if SEC is +2 bigger then the partisan-level, that level goes down by 1 per turn) Other factors also can have an influence (Training SEC, ranger btn), please check corresp
  6. Still awaiting game 93 results how many years ago did that end? Don't hold your breathe on this one starting lmao Shit... so, my 94, 95 and 97 will have to wait even longer
  7. Yes, turns are processed "nation by nation". This simply means that in some cases, it's also a matter of luck if you get your turn processed before the enemy... and that's a situation you usually try to avoid. What else is important? Russ is not processing turns every day. He does the processing 4 times a week, meaning that some processing days can be split into a NORMAL (first batch) and LATE processing. See his schedule below. Be aware, Russ started to run turns later in the day now. Please ask him directly, till when he usually expects turns. MAIL FROM RUSS somewhere from 20
  8. I think, in the beginning of victory, an AIR-factory was even producing 20 AIR per turn - that was really dis-balanced I think our gamers-group is small enough and won't grow anymore... and i really don't think that somebody is really using clear bugs for an advantage. I heard from this morale-bombing-things, but i was never the target of one and i think that also has stopped. The blinding tactics is used in this game and it's not a crime. Nevertheless, i don't like it. It made it very difficult for me to stick to victory, especially after i married and kids were filling up quite s
  9. And i agree with Kevin... Russ is doing a good service in daily business. His responsivness when sending him questions, etc. always has been great - at least in my case. I still hope that he comes along with the missing game-statistics
  10. @Ed / Lord Patton: I am quite surprised. How you can come to the conclusion that the FC-bug is NOT a bug?? Fighter Cover A force with "Fighter Cover" orders will patrol a series of provinces, sea zones or a combination thereof and provide fighter protection to YOUR naval and/or army forces in those provinces/sea zones should they come under attack. If any of YOUR naval and/or army forces are attacked in a province or sea zone being patrolled by a force with "Fighter Cover" orders, that patrolling air force will react and engage the attacking enemy air force in air combat. There
  11. Having too many empty position is also not a good thing... Easy going for some players while others cannot have the same. So, i hope Russ can find some players for the rest of the nations.
  12. Quite a difference, if one setups a bug-situation by intention with his partners ... meaning that TA-fighters will also jump in and lead to up to 2 x 50 fighter-intercepts. Or if something like that occurs due to other reasons. (our group has not yet done any TAS onto xBern) xBern is hold by Switzerland, which is our enemy - and apparantly also yours We put the army into Bern to get the city... apparantly, your bombing triggered an FC of Swiss forces also. It cannot be that xBern remains neutral and forbidden ground for us... But of course, it should also not be that your group
  13. The buck is at Russ... And he knows it as i he gets my (and probably others) complaints from time to time. There are still a number of finished games with no final statistics. Players have paid a lot of good money to reach the end of the game - and i see it that way, that timely getting the finals was part of the "remuneration" paid for 73 turns...
  14. schmutti

    Game 95

    Thans Mike! I understand that Russ is not always able to tabulate the final numbers for games that have ended right away so it has been my goal to try and do this while we wait I also understand that, but only to a certain extent of time... I don't think that it's on us to put together the final scores. Despite several reminders, i am still waiting for the final statistics of 92 (ended autumn 2014) ... and the declaration of winners + statistics for 94 (ended autumn 2015)... Now, another game added to my waiting list... It's quite annoying, to be honest...
  15. schmutti

    Game 95

    Very much the same words from my side... 95 was an excellent game with a lot of interesting battles and developments... Also very great to see that so many players sticked to their positions, making it very special also from that perspective. A big thanks to the Westerners around Spain, which were excellent enemies in all aspects. I am also very impressed by CR (Dan R.), which continued to fight for a very long time in an excellent manner ... not forget to mentioned that also the personal contact with him was really a pleasure all the time... it was very much a honour to meet you.
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