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  1. Great disguise! Your "hw system" looks an awful lot like a big pile of rubble...
  2. So I just came across a rather peculiar star system. The primary is a White Hole (unusual in itself), with 6 asteroid fields (no other planets), spaced at exact multiple distances of 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, and 17. THAT seems strange. Is this the leftover of someone doing some large scale engineering or just a coincidence?
  3. Err...yes, Space Mine RACK. But....Mk I Short Range Torpedo. Duh, of course, yeah, something I ignored when we started up, sitting out there in the Researchable Items for all this time... Thanks!
  4. Maybe this is a weird question to be asking at this stage of the game, but I just noticed something. Until now, I never paid any attention to the "Mines" weapon tree, but I recently came across an advanced weapon of another tree that has Space Mines as a prereq. That's when I noticed that I neither have Space Mines as an existing tech, or one that is available to research. This seems peculiar since I thought that they were a 1st gen weapon. Is this a glitch, or is there some very basic tech that I somehow missed??
  5. Ah, but does anyone remember the direct PBM ancestor of Supernova - StarMaster?
  6. Actually, I thought you could slot 1 up to 6th generation now for Andromeda, but regardless of that, I did a SRP and slotted a lower gen item there and got no results. Did anyone get their saved research points used?
  7. Does anyone have the ANZ for the System Probe (from Andromeda)? I feel like I should have reached this a while back in Draco, but I might have missed something...or something has changed, and I can't find the ANZ from years ago....
  8. It's here! Long live Pete. (and hope things are well there)
  9. Looks like "overnight" was a bit optimistic.......
  10. So, has anyone successfully opened the tech tree path to Planetary Gates (and possibly beyond) in Draco? From what I remembered from Andromeda, I thought I was on the right path, but I seem to have hit a dead end, or were Gates one of the things eliminated (along with wormholes) or seriously altered? Can anyone (without digging through 10+ years worth of back turns) confirm what the path to Planetary Gates was IN ANDROMEDA (not giving away any Draco tech secrets! )?
  11. Oh there would be no way to do THAT, the rules are different, it wouldn't work. But some NPC races would be a nice thing. If they are working in Draco, they can work in Andromeda (albeit with some obvious changes).
  12. So, now that things have really gotten a chance to get going in Draco, and the Death Machines wars are starting to heat up, how about a little love for those Empires back in Andromeda? It's been ages since we've seen any Plekton fleets, moreso for the T'ckon, or any others.
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