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  1. Rat-fink bosses actually expected me to be working. What is the world coming to, I ask you!? Didn't they know it was SNROTE 'turns' day?
  2. You wouldn't catch me pestering Pete about the turns - well, at least not since last time that is.
  3. ......and it's off to the races! Turns are in.
  4. Note to self - must not badger Pete about eta of turns.
  5. Mother is always important, more so than the game. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. ....and so it begins. The unending checks for the turns - well, at least until they do show up!
  7. I was kinda hoping the word of the day would be "Whoo hoo!" ( ... sigh .... )
  8. Closer to home in the USA - "All quiet on the Potomac tonight...." So far...
  9. I'm always appreciative of Pete's efforts, regardless of the outcome. Kudos where its due, the bottom line.
  10. That was one sweet ball park response - thanks Pete!
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