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  1. And then others get this... Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire stands firmly with the dreaded DMX, running away from their shipping whenever possible and forever avoiding any system where DMX may be found. Additionally, your sources indicate that your standing army is quite pathetic and could not fight their way out of a wet paper sack. They hope to one day reach the wet sack milestone, but much work is still required. Also, your sources report that exploration is clearly not a priority and has barely progressed b
  2. The current system would be much better if inflation were to take hold for a bit. Originally, ship size was limited to 1000 tons, however it does not appear that anything was changed for minimum of 25k tons so you quickly get through the small stuff and get to the larger ship types before you really get to anything of real size. For my self, I would like to see a BB come in at something like 20M tons, a DN at 50M and the smaller ships all stretched to fill in below that. In Draco it will be rare for ships to get too huge with industrial bases constrained as they a
  3. Greetings - That is a difficult question since it is impossible or at least difficult to know that you have checked every system and possible location and then there is the issue of how you want to count a one way that provides a short cut. In my experience in Andromeda, I rarely, like maybe one that I remember, saw a HW within 4 of each other. Occasionally one at range 5, but for me the butter zone was 7-10. If the universe creation subroutine has not been fiddled with then that should hold true in Draco. In Draco I have found HW's at range 4 (through a one way) and r
  4. While it takes a bit of work, I put all of my data into an excel spreadsheet so I have it in one place.
  5. Here are a few. Each design type has a lower and upper bound for tonnage then there are a few other things that can change a designation depending on what components you have in the design. In Draco you see lots of express boats and blockade runners since you need so much tonnage in engines to get a higher AP design. There can also be multiple designs in the same tonnage range. For example a CVB (bantam carrier) is 25k to 249k and a CVBA (bantam assault carrier) is 50-249k but it has armor. anyway here are a few; CO - 25k FF - 25-49k DD - 50-74k HDD 75-99k
  6. Any pop limitation is challenging. How would you compare a Brontosaurus sized life form with a pixie or a sponge/fern?
  7. I use the SVG output and will have to see if any of this helps...
  8. All city types are stack-able so you may need all of them to offset attrition. I should also add that they are much cheaper in Draco so are much easier to use.
  9. I suffer from the same issues, new computer and I guess I am not smart enough anymore to get it going.
  10. I have never seen one. In andromeda my armies number in the 100's of thousands and millions of divisions and I hve had loads of religious zealots involved but never has a special religious ever shown up.
  11. And the final batch... Hurray!!!!! 1) Stable Wormhole Construction removed a. This seemed like a good thing to prevent players running all over the place. It has worked in that regard as is probably a good thing and not likely to change. However, it could also make a universe of very slow ships more playable. I think they are a bit of a pain to build, setup, maintain and to use but they do work. 2) System Beacons don’t stop unless destroyed. (update, new tech destroys beacons if you don't want them) a. This is excellent. b. They ar
  12. Next, 1) Planetary resources improved a. I am aware that a number of players contributed comments on this change to RTG prior to the start of Draco and there has been some speculation on the outcomes. The observed results of the changes made seem to be primarily in two areas; asteroid fields now are much more likely to have very good (1000+ range) iron, light metal and crystal yields while overall yields on HW’s seem to have been raised a bit. In addition to this it has been observed that the lower end of the yields seem to be higher with a lot less of those yields in t
  13. Next, 1) ROE settings limited to Q, R and Z a. Depending on your viewpoint this could work just fine, however in my view this does not work. It has subsequently been changed to include the Yankee setting which now makes it possible for allies to roam together and still attack everything they find without attacking each other. 2) Scientist research point hits reduced a. This was discussed above a bit, however, if the desire was to slow things down then it works. It is very challenging to catch up if you get behind. The scientists were
  14. Next, Getting close to the end now, only a few more to go... 1) Minimum ship AP reduce to 1 a. With engines being what they are I guess I can see that 2 AP would be too much to give away, but 1 AP is dead useless. I don’t know any other way to say it and I can’t think of a single way to justify the need. It just makes things slower in an already very slow universe. This doesn’t work in my book and is not good for game play. b. I know a couple of players who like it, but only a few. Even for them I am unsure if they like it or just dislike it much
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