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  1. Cheers, just put myself on the list for 107, hope you are all doing well!
  2. Going to give this one a shot after being out of the game for a few years.
  3. And there it is. You run out of facts to support your position, so you lie and hope nobody notices. Now go away as I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.
  4. Nothing inflammatory, nothing political, just simply stating the truth, you just consider it inflammatory because you either don't understand, or don't like the truth. The substance of the message is this, as the Leader of all the Bulgarian people, I will do what is best for the Bulgarian people. Either you are an ally of mine, or you are the enemy. As far as the rocks, I have no intention of stooping down and turning them over. I shall simply roll over them with tanks and crush whatever is underneath. (please note, I will, however, avoid any Polish children playing with rocks!)
  5. Ahh the southern russian minister of disinformation is in full swing I see. It appears you believe in the 'keep repeating the same lie long enough and people will believe it' philosophy. As the Khan of Greater Bulgaria we are trying to unite all the Bulgarian people under one banner. The barbaric arab and turkish hordes have tried to thwart our plans. While their efforts have been many, so far they have been futile. We shall continue to fight them to preserve the civilized world from being overun. If you have chosen to ally with the barbaran ruffians, then my ally in Rumania has no choice bu
  6. Then what's taking your allies so long? Don't know, I only look west, (and a little north.....
  7. Interesting, the Blue and the Gray. Well, we know who wins then!
  8. ,For what it is worth, it happened to me in Game 86? Where I was Denmark. I lasted until the end of the game. (with a terrible score I might add)
  9. Actually, it's the spongecus Preserving Associaton. Every sponge they find, they preserve in a formaldehyde solution.
  10. We are almost ready for turn 6, have you given up yet? Still looking for a way to sail my rowboats up the Rhine, but Germany keeps shooting holes in them. but if I get one through!
  11. Nor would I ever try to learn. Try learning a civilized tongue.
  12. No begging, just told him what to do. Keep in mind that I generally find it better to have spongecus as an enemy. So actually, spongecus, come invade Switzerland, I could use the extra territory. 2nd you need to recount. Morocco is at war with Algeria and Tunis9a, so "shiver" won't be here any time soon. So its Lowlands "fear" and Switzerland "chocolate" against Germany and Italy at the moment. You also have allies in Czech and Austria whom could help. (Austria and Rumania are TAs) Me, I'm just yodeling from the mountaintops!!
  13. Get off your butt and invade Germany! That's what every self respecting Danish player does. Don't be a wimp. Besides, most of the Germany army and air force is in southern Germany, what's defending the border? LDBs? Oh yea, that would be enough to stop you, what was I thinking?
  14. There's plenty going on over in Saudi Arabia if you want to help us out! - Syria 93 I am on my way brother I am on my way!! Hey, I thought you were on my side!!
  15. There's plenty going on over in Saudi Arabia if you want to help us out! - Syria 93 let's see. Turkey, Syria, TransJordan and Egypt against Persia, Saudi and UAE, and you need help?
  16. Yes, my massive overwhelming firepower that I unleashed on the Germans?
  17. HA, that'll teach you to pick on a poor defensless.... erm I mean Heavily Defended Sponge.... You'll think twice before picking on someone smaller than you... no wait (Switzerland is Smaller than Spongistan) I mean just a bit bigger than you in future. I hope the Italian gives you a right royal slap around the chops and sends you to bed with no supper. Actually, if you would notice, I haven't DW on you, yet. and be careful spongecus, the German-Czech-Rumania alliance are now (or maybe always have been) partnered with Austria-Italy.
  18. That's because it was reunited with Greater Bulgaria!!
  19. I don't know why they quit, but I'd like to think that their not being able to keep troops on the beach in Greece had something to do with it.
  20. I am ok with a replacement to keep the game going. i will send Russ an email. What? I'm being replaced? When did this start? man, now I have to go look for another country to run....
  21. We have tried to stop, but it is hard. Is there a Greeks Anonymous around?
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