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  1. Just bumping this thread again for any new players.
  2. Regarding the EXCLUDE order: I also discovered that the version of the order entry program that I was using was not the most recent. In actuality, the most recent post on this board is not the most recent. I was able to dig up an "Old" version that I had saved that actually allows you to EXCLUDE individual items when using a LC or OC order. This is especially useful in convoy routes. For example: CNVR Bring It Over LC 12345, 999, Construction Materials, 25000, Colonists, 50, Processed Rads, 1000 NM 999, Sol, 7a OC 999, 98765, ALL CON 50, Iron Mines, 98765 LC 98765, 999, ALL, 0, Pr
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew if the pulse engines are included in the fighters when you give them to an ally or do they suddenly become equipped with whatever level of pulse engines the receiving empire has?
  4. No, I haven't updated but now I am hesitant to. What is the error you are getting?
  5. One thing to note is that if you do not have any ground tech which gives a rating in a particular category then your troops will not show a rating in that category. The best thing is to have at least one tech item researched in each ground category then do the TAC to determine which rating areas apply to each type of ground troop.
  6. Now that I am patent pending my resolution is to make prototype and obtain a manufacturing contract.
  7. Pete is trying to stop the multiple set-up idea for those of you thinking about that route. I set up a couple empires at the same time and was questioned as to why considering I already have other empires. He assumed that I was going to drop one of them and I had to reassure him that I would play both before he would set them both up.
  8. The official word that I got from Pete was that is an explore find of some kind. It is not researchable nor is it part of your lifeform set-up. So get out there and explore! There may even be something else not discussed yet waiting for you.
  9. We are all assuming that screening ships are just hunks of steel or such without any maneuverability or weapons. Well designed screen ships in deploy loc 1 with lots of armor and a plasma torp and hellbore along with enough engines to allow it to get in the way of enemy fire would make sense. Hunks of steel just to clutter the way does not make sense. A more effective "fix" should consider the effectiveness of the screen ships as screens. Slugs of steel should be easy to maneuver around to get a clear shot to the rear while a highly maneuverable screen should be able to stay in the way for the
  10. Just got my first data file at 3:34am PST Saturday.
  11. Just got my first turn at 10:22pm PST (Las Vegas time)
  12. My take on the fire control was to base the amount of "blobs" of damage to be able to destroy at least one ship per shot. Brad has listed the damage vs. integrity which quite effectively demonstrates that you have to design fire control equal to your weapon firepower. Too high and each blob of damage is too weak to do any damage. Of course they still all fire and multiple shots could hit the same screen ship and in that sense if shots are randomly generated as a hit or a miss then more shots is far better even if the damage of each shot is less. From what I have been reading though I perceive
  13. As was suggested before I believe it is more racial design that is increasing the hits than ship design. Also, the presence of an Explorer character will help greatly, although I suspect that most of you place them on your survey ships.
  14. I am starting a new empire on the next turn cycle. Hope to destroy you all there.
  15. In case you're wondering, there are no allies in this section of space...so Brad is toast! All the rest of you planning on joining in the fray... Don't be a wuss and turtle up; come and get some!
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