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  1. Yes and I do. I was playing Devil's Advocate above; but also floating an idea that might spark a more clever mind with an even better idea. My ideas usual involve long ponderous computations. I am currently working with Destroyers and Cruisers, and a Strike Carrier or two. Have my own naming conventions and abbreviations. But for ship class vs individual ships. So I have a DD - Class, DDX - Class & a DDE - Class. Anyway thanks for the words of wisdom Lord D. Have a good evening.
  2. I think it would be cool if the Ship Designations where based more on the size of the Empire's Navy. As reflected in how the US Navy Ship Size has progressed. As example WW I Destroyers are smaller then WW II Destroyers. As the Nation's industry progressed, Naval Tonnage increased and max size a ship that could be built increased; so too did the brackets for ship designations. Begin with set minimums such as the table above. Based on some percentage spread of total Naval Tonnage. When the empire's navy hit some threshold, the min/max on each bracket would increase to match.
  3. Thanks all. That's where I'll start looking then. Send a ship to every planet. If it gets shot at ...
  4. I have a question, What is the average distance between Player Empires? If anyone is willing to part with such useful info I would be most appreciative. Thank you
  5. I personally use an Access Database to store everything. I process all the data via Bash Scripts, to format it for input, using the native import functions for the database. Then export it into Excel to view and work with. In Excel I have a generic sheet that shows any systems I wish to view, choosing the system from a drop down list. It combines all available data for each planet, include the turn a certain command was performed (GEO, ORB, etc), Pop Groups, Number of Resource Extractors (with expected Yields), etc. It includes a section that consolidates and displays GEO data system
  6. Again I come late to the party -- damn Real Life!!! Anyway, I was kicking around the idea of experience (Navy and Army) based on the size of the whole force and the amount of time the force was in existence. This is just the seed of an idea, and would need a lot more thought; I realize there are lots of holes in it so far. The basic idea is a force (Navy or Army) starts as green, and grows more experienced over time (ie, the Military doesn't just sit around and eat MREs) based on military spending, combat experience, the length of time it has been in existence. First some arbi
  7. Returning to the Production/Strip Mine idea above: The file is something I did a bunch of years back for Andromeda. Comparing the Resource Returns with a "static" amount of Pop. And varying the number of Extractors and Strip Mines Used. Explanation: Green Cells -- data that is variable based on your Empires. It assumes there is an efficiency modifier for both Industrial Complexes and Strip Mines Yellow Cells -- The Resource Potential you wish to see the returns on Everything else is computed. As loaded the file shows the returns of a
  8. rfouasnon -- well, everything is relative. As I said its the largest fleet I've seen. And in any event its in my space being unneighborly. Which means I have to deal with it ... But as I said I'd rather talk then shoot. Shooting is wasteful ...
  9. The Fremen -- True, they haven't acted very neighborly so far. But it may just be someone looking for abandoned positions. So its worth asking after in any event. hobknob -- its 1,000,000,000 or so tons. That's the largest I've seen in my neck of the woods. I realize that may be just a drop in the bucket, but its sizable and inconvenient to deal with. Anyway if anyone recognize this empire or knows the player please ask him/her to contact me at the addi provided above. Thanks.
  10. Anyone know who Empire #265 "Einherjar" is? Has a massive, hostile, fleet in one of my systems. I'd like to talk with this person, rather then fight. Contact me at sn_gaming@trinitylabs.org. Thanks.
  11. Ah yes the Friday morning drudge, awaiting turn results while pretending to be productive at work -- as the day progresses it gets harder and harder to pretend ... BTW, Pete and Russ, thanks for such a great game, that we live in darkness from Tuesday till Thursday/Friday -- getting those turn results, when ever they arrive, makes it all worth while. Have a good day and great weekend, all.
  12. 999 Space Fly <needs name> Special Agent 1 0 Combat Zone One
  13. Ok. Belay that. Just followed the steps for Windows 8 and that resolved the issue. See the link http://www.rollingthunderforums.com/index.php?showtopic=2298&view=findpost&p=60584&hl=%2Bturn+%2Bentry+%2Bwork+%2Bwindows assuming I did that correctly ... Anyway the Turn Entry program is now working for me. Thanks ...
  14. Sandarbian -- Just loaded Windows 7 on a machine and am getting the same problem. So what did you do to get it to work? Thanks.
  15. rfouasnon -- I assume you are referring to the peaceful exploration of the New World by the Europeans.
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