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  1. I am very disappointed in you, Sweden. We had such a nice and fair 1-on-1 fight going on. Sure, there were some pesky Finnish divisions that tried to attack Narvik early on, and those Finnish warships that helped flatten xOslo but after that it's been a real entertaining battle. But now you've gone and thrown it all away.... I mean, a little air support I can understand. But having your allies send every bomber they have (at least I certainly hope that was it) to Arendal after my army just cleared the mess your littering marines left on the beach was definitely uncalled for. You really ne
  2. That sounds like a possible solution.
  3. Will you stop bombing my armies then? Norway never declared war on anyone, and yet you are still sending those damned Junkers my way!
  4. This is only a substitute for a few SIM TC orders, it doesn't fix the real problem. Even if you know your enemies TA structure, the morale hit you get from having to declare war on every one of them is the same. 6 DWs still costs 300 morale.
  5. Game on! Portugal checking in. Would like to come into contact with the players of Spain, France and Algeria! Oh and anyone else who wants to talk! @Kevin.CMail coming your way!
  6. I think ceding a province to trap an army in the city is a perfectly fine tactic, as Sweden has experienced in game 105. I do not feel it is abusing the rules. The rules are what they are, everybody knows this is a possibility, and the resolution is to declare war on all your enemies' total allies if you're afraid this might have happened. The declaration of war can get a bit problematic when your enemy is in what I would call an extended TA group, as morale will take a bigger, maybe disproportionate hit if you have to declare war on 5 or maybe even more countries, just to be sure you can c
  7. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think the 6 most effective divisions will retreat into the city, the rest will surrender. Not 100% sure though.
  8. Well of course my TAs provide me with information, I'm sure Sweden's TAs do the same for him. They even do some recon strikes for me. Those do not compare to 31 groups of Ju-88 bombing your troops I can tell you. If I had a TA with that kind of air power available, I think this war would be over quickly. I am not complaining. (Well maybe a little. ๐Ÿ˜) But I don't blame Sweden for getting outside help. Victory is a team sport, and even though the loss of a team member is not the end of the game for the rest of the team, the fun in this game for me lies in working together with your TAs, hel
  9. I just want to thank Sweden for making this a very interesting and exciting game so far. Besides some Finnish troops and now lots of German bombers it's been a good 1 on 1 fight. I'm enjoying it, hope you are too!
  10. What exactly do you mean? Which groups and members are you talking about?
  11. I am most interested in the rules of a game called Avalon. Medieval fantasy kind of setting, 100 players on a huge map. It seems to have vanished. Hardly any reference too it anywhere. It's how I got into PBM gaming though.
  12. Paul Hartmann was the owner of the place, Wim Siebelink(?) handled some games I think. They had quite a lot. I've been looking online for a list and some of the ruleboooks, but many seem to have disappeared completely.
  13. Ah, another returning player! I had a similar break, although not quite as long. Did you play at RTG or at the PBM-Express in the Netherlands?
  14. Welcome! I am from the Netherlands and we also have German and Swiss players that I know about. First game? I am expecting Norway and Finland to work together since they joined the game at about the same time. So you either have 2 friendly neighbors, or you have a really tough battle ahead of you.
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