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  1. The fighting in the middle east has become very interesting indeed. We 🐑 aren’t quite dead yet baaaaahaha😁
  2. Probably not just you. I suspect Draco is much more violent then andromeda ever was and the resulting multitude of both space and ground combat are bound to slow things up just a bit. Someone once told me that a huge space battle in Andromeda once took almost a whole day to run. 👀
  3. The declaration of war can get a bit problematic when your enemy is in what I would call an extended TA group, as morale will take a bigger, maybe disproportionate hit if you have to declare war on 5 or maybe even more countries, just to be sure you can conquer a province. I think there are three possible solutions for this: This is what the issue really is. With players being able to join in groups these days the probability is high that there will be these extended TA groups. losing 200 or more morale early on is a hit most players wont be able to take and could easily lead to
  4. In that very same game. We destroyed a whole Iraqi SS army and his JU88’s as well as a whole group of escorts and that led to his drop and all of his allies which we didn’t even touch yet. 🙁 fast forward to 103 and nearly the same group of players all dropped when me and my allies seized the western side of the Dardanelles. That left nations like TJ and UAE with zero players to fight almost from the beginning of the game. Double 🙁🙁
  5. Actually no. Hamish was right. There are 12 divisions in the city so 6 more could squeeze in and the rest surrender. Must be a funny site. Ok you 11 divisions must die so the rest of us can live. 🤣.
  6. You are 100% correct. Although I couldn’t find it in the addendum. Is the rule somewhere here on the forums?
  7. Ok here goes A 12 division army group is holed up in a city. In the surrounding province another army group belonging to the nation occupying the city is attacked and has no retreat option except the city. The only province available for retreat was conveniently captured by the attacking army just prior. so A. 17 division army surrenders or B. 17 division army retreats to city and merges with the 12 division force
  8. Switzerland will most likely be the best choice for a beginning player. It only has 4 initial territories so it’s AIC network is extremely simple. 3 of those are mountain provinces and one is hills making it much easier to defend .it’s not without issues however. It has no coal or petroleum resources and no food producing territories. It will need to acquire them by force of arms or have allies willing to supply them. it also has no need for a navy at the early stages of the game eliminating that aspect of the game.
  9. And to think some of those very allies were enemies at first!! 🐑😁
  10. That is indeed the issue. If there was a group that did set that up for whatever reason it would require multiple DW’s on many different nations per the SOP of DW on all the TA’s of your enemies. in other news The 🐑 molesters look to have turned tail and ran. Not without causing some damage in some lost economic output though. This will be quickly corrected baaaaaaahahhaha 😁.
  11. You don’t have to listen to it yes? Just ignore it if you don’t like it. If I see something I say something that’s just me. negative vibes?? Using a phrase from a famous person I have to say. “Come on Man!”
  12. Perhaps we have been extremely unfortunate with those INT’s. It’s been known to happen. 😁
  13. Aren’t going so well? For who? Us? You obviously have been looking at the wrong turns. There will soon be many dead Egyptian divisions in what seems to be a victory for them. Baaaaahahabaha. And those Libyans aren’t doing to well either. There has been no defeat here so that sore loser comment is a bit premature. At least I didn’t bow out from 102 when my airbases got absolutely smashed in Turkey. I recall something about massed airstrikes against some Baltic States divisions that totally destroyed them. After that CR was left holding the bag. Would that be considered a sore loser as we
  14. The reason I say it’s gamey is that this order is impossible to counter and for some reason one of the techs was left without a unit that could exploit it. There are many examples of ‘fictitious’ units in the game for balance but this was overlooked it seems. Apparently those TR units with an actual TAS rating can bypass all FC’s or INT’s. This was obviously not intended but it’s part of the game and as such will enable these units to gather critical intel unimpeded. Seems like an exploit to me.
  15. Acknowledging that you abuse a certain aspect of the rules is ok in my book. However considering the amount of tactical recons( also an abused aspect of the game) that your side was doing, abusing a certain order seemed the intent all along. That isn’t so ok I’m my book. There are many issues in Victory whose rules are pretty much static ( last overhaul back in 1995?) that players have learned to ‘game’. Such is life really but until Russ can come up with a Victory II that addresses the short comings of the current rules I suggest a bit less chicanery and more strategic and tactical forethou
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