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  1. Hopefully to help him. Someone must have painted a 🎯 on him. 🤣
  2. Baaaaahahaha. We shall see. Our 🐑 super soldiers can fly like hawks swim like fish borrow under the ground engage in one on one combat with razor sharp hooves eat metal etc etc. oh and our wool has been also genetically engineered to be fire proof. 🤣
  3. Nope your not the target either Mark. nothing but above board dealings in 101. straight up slaughter with no quarter given nor wanted. 😁 these are players I myself have never played with until now and they are far from above board. It’s all good though we 🐑 don’t get mad we get even. 😈. You know who you are...... baaaaaahahaha
  4. That’s true but my snake in the grass remark wasn’t directed at Tunisia or its ruler. At least you dealt with the 🐑 somewhat honestly. Since game 101 we have been conducting genetic experiments on our 🐑 genome and have come up with savage warlike bloodthirsty 🐑 Warriors with an eye on each butt cheek. Our neighbors are in for a very rude awakening. Baaaahahaha😈
  5. Alliances have been wrought, deals have been made, targets have been chosen, now unleash the dogs of war Never mind the dogs of war it’s the snakes in the grass you need to watch out for. Way too many of those that need stomping IMHO. 😈
  6. Nope we 🐑 never run away. Only advances to the rear on occasion. 🤣. as for our nation the person who you asked if an email was received knows who we are playing 😉. like 101 this game will be much fun as we seem to have the usual suspects but in different locations.
  7. I think your right about that DW stuff but you got the nation wrong. It wasn’t Yugoslavia. It was Germany and any nation totally allied with same😁
  8. No he didn’t. It was intercepted by dastardly desert 🐑 spies. 🤣.
  9. Meh!! I mere flesh wound!! Come on back France Spain and Italy!!! We got more for ya🤣 Tumisia 102
  10. Oops the desert heat must have gotten to us. I posted this in wrong game 😁
  11. Meh!! I mere flesh wound!! Come on back France Spain and Italy!!! We got more for ya🤣
  12. Win schwin bin min sin tin who cares!! I’m just in it to have fun. If we win that’s a bonus😁.
  13. Not so fast Jimmyboy!! 😁 The fortunes of war have a tendency to shift very quickly. Just when you thought everything was moving along smoothly wham!! It’s Not 🤣
  14. BM = Monitor your are correct about BDN NDN = Nova Dreadnaught
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