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  1. On 6/18/2020 at 6:28 PM, Kevin.C said:

    What an interesting game for me!  I played Lowlands, and at one point I was down to possessing only the city of Amsterdam. But through the inaction of my enemies, and, more importantly, support from my allies, I was able to gain possession of all of the Lowlands before the game ended!

    A fun game indeed! It was a pleasure working with all of my allies!

    And to think some of those very allies were enemies at first!! 🐑😁

  2. That is indeed the issue. If there was a group that did set that up for whatever reason it would require multiple DW’s on many different nations per the SOP of DW on all the TA’s of your enemies. 

    in other news

    The 🐑 molesters look to have turned tail and ran. Not without causing some damage in some lost economic output though. This will be quickly corrected baaaaaaahahhaha 😁

  3. 12 hours ago, Predator said:

    Not sure what your talking about with the comment about airbases in turkey for 102...

    i was Baltic and i was getting hit by five countries and sixteen bomber groups a turn. My ally in CR thought it was more important to fight the computer than help. I dropped because there was nothing i could do to stand up to that it was only a matter of a couple turns before i had nothing anyway

    how is that being a sore loser!? 

    All you’ve done on this forum is accuse people and criticize their game play. I really don't get it , if you hate everything everyone does to the point your bringing up the past why do you even play

    All your negative energy is killing the vibe and its only like turn 9! Are we going to have to listen to this crap the whole game!?

    You don’t have to listen to it yes? Just ignore it if you don’t like it. If I see something I say something that’s just me. 

    negative vibes?? Using a phrase from a famous person I have to say.  “Come on Man!” 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Marklen X said:

    Sorry, but I've intercepted many TR's. Any country can do them, one fighter is all that's needed. TR is incredibly useful, while at the same time being incredibly realistic. I like you Fremen, but in this you're very wrong. 

    Perhaps we have been extremely unfortunate with those INT’s. It’s been known to happen. 😁

  5. 24 minutes ago, Predator said:

    I’ve played victory since 1995 and have had conversations with most people I have played with or against and You are the only person I've ever heard complain about gathering intel with recon planes

    every player does it. If you don’t have a recon plane that can do it people do it with a single fighter or bomber group

    what about the people that gather intel throughout the game with dead countries?

    You can go on and on and nit pick this or that...

    you guys weren’t complaining when it was saudi-uae-Iraq-jordan-syria against what you thought  would be just egypt and turkey

    now that things aren't going so well your throwing accusations at players over what for years has been accepted game play

    if these things were so out of line with your morales you should’ve approached the 105 community beforehand and addressed them

    ti me all this complaining about trivial issues smacks of sore losers






    Aren’t going so well? For who? Us? You obviously have been looking at the wrong turns. There will soon be many dead Egyptian divisions in what seems to be a victory for them. Baaaaahahabaha. And those Libyans aren’t doing to well either. There has been no defeat here so that sore loser comment is a bit premature.  At least I didn’t bow out from 102 when my airbases got absolutely smashed in Turkey. I recall something about massed airstrikes against some

    Baltic States divisions that totally destroyed them. After that CR was left holding the bag.  Would that be considered a sore loser as well? As a very important  man said long ago let he who is without sin cast the first stone. 😉

    I stand by that little ability of TR to completely bypass even the biggest INT or FC. Every once in a while a shipboard group will slip by but those 10 group TR’s will do it every time. If that’s the way it’s supppsed to be then fine not too big an issue but something that should be fixed... eventually. There is a laundry list of stuff. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Marklen X said:

    Tactical recons are a gamey tactic? I couldn't disagree more with that. It's impossible to have a game actually be completely realistic, so the CL order can be misused, but I see that as a minor inconvenience. I recall being blocked by your group in Iberia in game 101 by the CL order, and blaming myself for not DW all TA's. If you TA 1, you should probably TA all, standard Victory! tactic. 

    Danny, I think your post was excellent, and I'll be happy to fight you or work with you in any game. 

    The reason I say it’s gamey is that this order is impossible to counter and for some reason one of the techs was left without a unit that could exploit it. There are many examples of ‘fictitious’ units in the game for balance but this was overlooked it seems. 

    Apparently those TR units with an actual TAS rating can bypass all FC’s or INT’s. This was obviously not intended but it’s part of the game and as such will enable these units to gather critical intel unimpeded. Seems like an exploit to me. 

  7. Acknowledging that you abuse a certain aspect of the rules is ok in my book. However considering the amount of tactical recons( also an abused aspect of the game) that your side was doing, abusing a certain order seemed the intent all along. That isn’t so ok I’m my book.  There are many issues in Victory whose rules are pretty much static ( last overhaul back in 1995?) that players have learned to ‘game’.  Such is life really but until Russ can come up with a Victory II that addresses the short comings of the current rules I suggest a bit less chicanery and more strategic and tactical forethought that should lessen your need for it. I nice clean fight complete with a fair amount of propaganda posted here on the boards should make the game much more enjoyable for all. 

  8. Did I take a hostile stance Ninja?  Is discussing something that is obviously being used in a way not originally intended( per the programmer himself) whining?? You need to grow up yourself and learn to talk about things rather then flaming others or besmirching when they have a differing point of view. 

    I personally couldn’t give a rats behind what you think but am still willing to discuss matters relating to making victory a more enjoyable experience for all 

  9. 4 hours ago, Predator said:


    I'm curious how algeria has abused the cede order since i haven't used it 

    As marklen said typically if you DW on a country you DW on his whole TA group to avoid such problems. That it pretty much standard victory play. Russ has even doubled the starting morale of countries


    I think a few on the list may have been unjustly accused and are on there due to ‘guilt by association’ 😁

    you are correct though Predator and MarklenX the CL becomes meaningless if you DW on all your enemies TA’s but if there are interlocking TA’s then the list of DW’s Becomes excessive especially in the early game. That was the point that is trying to be made and I agree with it. 

    for example

    Lets say Ireland is TA’ed to GB USA Canada and Morocco but Morocco is TA’ed with Ireland GB USA and Algeria. 
    GB is TA’ed to Ireland USA Canada and Norway. You see the pattern here? It’s possible for groups of players to play hot potato with an conquered territory where the nation that lost the territory has to DW on all the interconnected nations to not get orders bounced. 

  10. I know many of you remember the dreaded Terror attack option of the OMN CB order. After relentless abuse this was removed as was the morale loss from such attacks. 

    enter another way to indirectly drop the morale of a nation using the CL order. Using interconnected Groups of TA’s a territory can be ceded like a hot potato forcing the target nation to declare war on all tentacles of the alliance. A clear abuse of the CL order and something that should be addressed. Maybe remove the morale loss for Declaring war? Or maybe increase the morale loss of the cede order significantly when the territory ceded is NOT ceded to the original owner? 

  11. 13 hours ago, hobknob said:

    Greetings - 

    That is a difficult question since it is impossible or at least difficult to know that you have checked every system and possible location and then there is the issue of how you want to count a one way that provides a short cut.

    In my experience in Andromeda, I rarely, like maybe one that I remember, saw a HW within 4 of each other.  Occasionally one at range 5, but for me the butter zone was 7-10.  If the universe creation subroutine has not been fiddled with then that should hold true in Draco.


    In Draco I have found HW's at range 4 (through a one way) and range 8-14 on the return trip and a couple that are in the 7-10 range with 8 being the most common for me.


    Feel free to panic now.  :cheers:


    This information is confirmed. We did indeed find another HW only 4 jumps away ( one way) and the return trip was only 6 jumps also one way. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Marklen X said:

    I'll weigh in. Victory! is both a wargame and a diplomacy game. Not being privy to the discussions between the two parties, I can't say what the actual truth is here. What I will say, is virtually everybody in this game has both been a TA of mine and an enemy of mine at some point. Some people believe a good backstab is a winning strategy. Some believe that they must keep a deal even if it costs them the game. Both are viable options in a game of this sort, and ultimately it's up to the individual to make the deals he thinks will work out for him. 

    That sFair MarklenX 

    In this case Persia actually believed that cedeing territory to his TA to open a path for one of his TA’s to attack the TA’s of his ally was going to be just fine by the allies he just penned a deal with. Mmmmhmmm 

    sounds like someone is smokin some good grass. He needs to tell us where he got it cause we 🐑 need some of that stuff 🤣

    so I think this would be considered a quasi backstab as he is stabbing a TA of an ally of his in the back. My problem is that this was their plan as soon as his neighbors offered an alliance.  Hey I have an idea!! Maybe my TA should cede territory on Persia’s border and see how he feels about that?  Hmmm yeah I think that’s a great idea!! Bahahaha😈

  13. 11 minutes ago, Rednas said:

    I am sorry but I am to lazy to read these complete novels trying to explain....eh what exactly again?

    To me an ALL is an extented NAP only an TA is almost a forever binding bond...with the old rules not even possible to break...but now even possible to break. 

    So...about what do we talk about here...

    Settle this in the war game way... BPA and DW...

    Happy Gaming 

    Rednas The Ultimate Ruler of Bornholm 

    Agreed. Like I said we 🐑 don’t get mad ....... you know the rest😈

  14. Aye caramba dude!! Explain to me how these actions give you a way out???


    Turkey ceded Semdimli to SR. This was detected on TP2. 
    Persia cedes Khvoy to SR this was detected later. 

    now why would Turkey cede Semdimli to SR???  
    and why would Persia cede Khvoy to SR??????

    does everyone see why Iraq declared war on SR? Or is it just me?  

    But in the end we 🐑 don’t get mad we get even 😈. It’s just too bad I have to put you on my list of players where no agreements are possible in future games. It’s a very short list ( only 1 player atm). 


  15. 14 hours ago, SupremeSultan said:

    I'm curious as to how I am a back stabber. I came to an agreement with 3 nations not to attack. I offered TAs to all. Agreed on alliance and then you attack my TAs. Have I broken my agreement...no. Have I been dishonest once...no. I'm kicking back watching the show and some how you think I'm dishonest. Can't wait to hear this explanation. 

    Hmmm you must be two different people in one body and neither knows what the other is up too. 

    first off let’s talk alliances 

    it is true that you entered into alliances with 3 of your neighbors. The question I ask is what was the understanding in entering into said alliances ?  Was this even discussed? I know the answer as we were copied into those emails. 

    it is also true that YOU stated you would honor the alliances. But is it honoring an alliance when YOU cede territory to a TA to enable him to attack one of the allies you allied with?? Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. BUT

    the main difference here is THAT was the original intent. YOU entering into alliance with your 3 neighbors was just a deception ploy to give you time to build up then come crashing across the border. THAT is the issue. Just means your a player with very poor standards imho and will make working with you very very difficult in future games of Victory. Damn shame given our relatively small player base 

    I could be wrong but I don’t think so given what has transpired. 

  16. 8 hours ago, richardjohns said:

    Greetings Persia,

    I once played against some prisoners who harassed me in real life. However, you are one of the dirtiest nastiest backstabbers, I have ever encountered. I think some of your TAs and allies are following the same path. 


    I would have to concur on The Persian players actions. I don’t think we can come to agreements in any future games of victory with Mr Parker. With friends like that who needs enemies??

    Bahahahha. 😁  

  17. 17 hours ago, dageraad said:


    Your puny sheep will be smashed by our prettier and more loyal cavalry. 
    And BTW, if your sheep fires it will catch fire. 

    Baaaaahahaha.  We shall see. Our 🐑 super soldiers can fly like hawks swim like fish borrow under the ground engage in one on one combat with razor sharp hooves eat metal etc etc. oh and our wool has been also genetically engineered to be fire proof. 🤣

  18. 1 hour ago, Marklen X said:

    Hmm. I can't think of anything dishonest myself or our group did with you in 101. Not sure to whom this is directed.

    Nope your not the target either Mark. nothing but above board dealings in 101.  
    straight up slaughter with no quarter given nor wanted. 😁

    these are players I myself have never played with until now and they are far from above board. It’s all good though we 🐑 don’t get mad we get even. 😈. You know who you are......  baaaaaahahaha

  19. 4 hours ago, dageraad said:

    Well, not a lot of grass in Tunisia. 


    That’s true but my snake in the grass remark wasn’t directed at Tunisia or its ruler. At least you dealt with the 🐑 somewhat honestly. Since game 101 we have been conducting genetic experiments on our 🐑 genome and have come up with savage warlike bloodthirsty 🐑 Warriors with an eye on each butt cheek. Our neighbors are in for a very rude awakening. Baaaahahaha😈

  20. Alliances have been wrought, deals have been made, targets have been chosen, 
    now unleash the dogs of war

    Never mind the dogs of war it’s the snakes in the grass you need to watch out for. Way too many of those that need stomping IMHO. 😈

  21. 53 minutes ago, Marklen X said:

    So Fremen, I noticed you haven't said what country you're playing. Never figured you for a coward. Come clean

    Nope we  🐑 never run away. Only advances to the rear on occasion. 🤣
    as for our nation the person who you asked if an email was received knows who we are playing 😉.  

    like 101 this game will be much fun as we seem to have the usual suspects but in different locations. 

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