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  1. I think your right about that DW stuff but you got the nation wrong. It wasn’t Yugoslavia. It was Germany and any nation totally allied with same😁
  2. No he didn’t. It was intercepted by dastardly desert 🐑 spies. 🤣.
  3. Meh!! I mere flesh wound!! Come on back France Spain and Italy!!! We got more for ya🤣 Tumisia 102
  4. Oops the desert heat must have gotten to us. I posted this in wrong game 😁
  5. Meh!! I mere flesh wound!! Come on back France Spain and Italy!!! We got more for ya🤣
  6. Win schwin bin min sin tin who cares!! I’m just in it to have fun. If we win that’s a bonus😁.
  7. Not so fast Jimmyboy!! 😁 The fortunes of war have a tendency to shift very quickly. Just when you thought everything was moving along smoothly wham!! It’s Not 🤣
  8. BM = Monitor your are correct about BDN NDN = Nova Dreadnaught
  9. It’s July 20th. Nearly a month since 105 filled up. I’m pretty sure your withdrawal symptoms have subsided 😁 but kidding aside does it normally take this long to start a game of victory once it fills? something tells me that real technical issues have popped up requiring more time than is available to fix. 🙁
  10. The the occasional 🐪🤣
  11. 73 turns. Just over 3 years real time.
  12. Now it’s officially in the books. Sorry MarklenX but the 🐑 heard there was some exotic new grass in the city of xSarra and landed a couple of crack airborne 🐑 troopers to investigate. 😉 To our one time allies The TransJordanians..... well your fleet off of BCY1 didn’t fare so well when they tried to defend themselves vs berserker 🐑 naval forces All that could be heard over the IMC was 🐑 warcries and explosions. 😁 we even whacked a few SS King Tiger divisions in x Madrid. we Irish 🐑 finished the war with a Big Bang and a few bleats in the general direction of our enemies.
  13. Not a problem. I have more. but I think the 🐑 will get the last bleat in 101. I will know for sure tomorrow. 😉
  14. To: The leader of Turkey from : The 🐑 Baaaaaa... Baaaaaa..... please contact me via PM
  15. The 🐑 never surrender! Ever! We would rather go down fighting on all 4 legs then to let some whacky computer run the show. 🤣. we still have 2 more TP’s before the end of game so come on over and see how well those Junks do vs 🐑 made defenses. I’d predict not too well and you know it or you would have been hitting me every turn. 😉
  16. Slaughtered over Bilbao?? Bah mere flesh wounds. Our aircraft shrugged them off and still attacked reducing your pitiful little band of ‘puppy wolves’ hiding in the mountains significantly. I think you were talking about the slaughter over Minglanilla. Come on you can’t even keep your propaganda straight. 🤣. Get with it and finish me off in xBilbao. That’s gonna be a damn near impossibility at this point and even if the war lasted past TP73 it is very very doubtful those pop guns you keep bringing to the fight will even scratch our defenses. We Bleat in your general direction!! You may blow
  17. If you read my post I said we sank double the tonnage sank in YOUR Maritime Strike vs US. Yeah you sank some Canadian carriers but those weren’t ours. We have some in the med as well but you have yet to find them and planes off their decks were the ones that sent your supply ships heading to xBarcelona to the bottom. As for our armored forces they will proudly rumble forward out of the mountains on turn 74 and declare Victory for surviving vs the ‘mighty’ Libyan war machine meh. 🤣
  18. Yes very interesting indeed. Don’t believe a word of that running blind vs the USA. No way he’s running blind. He knows exactly where to strike with actionable intel provided by his TA’s. But he sure is running and the word isn’t blind. The correct term is scared... yeah that’s it scared. 😁. The mountains surrounding xBilbao are already knee deep in Libyan blood and soon it will be past the summits with the forces he has massed for the so called ‘final’ assault. 😈 bring it!! we are waiting .... baaaaaahahahhahaha.
  19. Yeah yeah yeah running blind forgetting to build LDB’s thinking you had another turn before the 🐑 landed.... we’ve heard em all before. Excuses are just that... excuses 😈. Speaking of Turkey Shoots.. the Irish 🐑 got their just revenge sinking double the SHIP points lost in that last Libyan Maritime Strike. Where you ask? You’ll find out soon enough😉
  20. Yeah that’s a rough neighborhood without backup. 😁
  21. News flash!!!!! British SAS ( sneaky as sh@t) commandos hoofed their way past the obviously sleeping security of the Libyan airbase somewhere on the Iberian peninsula and clandestinely placed bananas in the tailpipes of some Me-262’s parked at the airbase. No less then 99 of them stalled on takeoff and crashed. Snickering in amusement the commando leader couldn’t believe the Libyans fell for the ole banana in the tailpipe trick. 🤣 baaaaaahahahaha btw Libyans predictions of pushing the Irish 🐑 off the peninsula won’t come to fruition 😉 but you can keep trying!!!
  22. Yeah DMX will attack anything on site.
  23. News Flash...... The Irish 🐑 continue to hang tough laughing at the Libyans hiding in the surrounding mountains of xBilbao. As a matter of fact there are NO Libyans hiding in the mountains any longer. 😈 NEXT!! baaaaaahahaha🤣
  24. Going good Rednas!! thanks for asking!! I’m still working making deliveries of things that are critically needed. Just last night we delivered a load of medical supplies and ppe to Queens NY.
  25. ...... somewhere in Northern Africa in a Libyan war bunker....... dammit!!!! I want those Irish 🐑 DEAD!!! Yelled Air Marshall As-Sasuni. Send a telegram to our Egyptian friends and ask them to redouble their efforts and I don’t want to hear excuses about losses inflicted by the allies of the Irish 🐑 on their bases. Air Marshal As-Sasuni’s aide immediately went to work leaving his office leaving the Air Marshal staring at his war map in disbelief shaking his head and muttering under his breath. “ who knew fuzzy 🐑 could fight so hard. 🤣
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